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Overdraft Fees

Comerica Bank Logo

Banks today make sizable revenue from fees related to overdraft (OD) protection. The complaint for this class action alleges that Comerica Bank and Elan Financial Services enroll Michigan customers in OD protection programs without their consent, and then charge these customers significant fees and interest.

Front of Building with Columns with "Bank" Sign

A number of class actions have taken issue recently with the way banks charge overdraft (OD) fees. The complaint for this class action alleges that First Savings Bank charges OD fees for transactions that do not actually overdraw accounts. The complaint alleges, “This practice works to catch accountholders in an increasingly devastating cycle of bank fees.”

Building with RBC Sign on It

A class action against RBC Bank (USA) is being settled by PNC Bank, NA, its successor-in-interest after the two banks merged. The complaint contended that RBC posted debit card transactions in the order of the highest amount to the lowest, and that this resulted in customers being charged more overdraft fees. 

Bank of America Sign in Front of Location

Banks don’t provide overdraft coverage for any and all overdrafts customers create; they have rules, and a certain amount of discretion. Bank of America, NA and Bank of America Corporation instituted new rules on overdrafts, alleges the complaint for this class action, and then failed to abide by them.

Vibrant Credit Union Logo

The complaint for this class action makes two charges against Vibrant Credit Union: that it charges overdraft fees for transactions that do not overdraw accounts, and that it charges more than one nonsufficient funds (NSF) fee on a single item.

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An auto-pay bill comes due in your bank account and your bank refuses the transaction because you don’t have enough money. How many non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees should you be charged for this? Should you be charged an NSF fee now and an overdraft (OD) fee later? If your bank is Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU), you might find yourself paying more than you thought, as the bank decides, on its own and without notice to you, to retry the transaction.

First County Bank Logo

If your bank has already refused an item and charged you an fee for non-sufficient funds (NSF fee), should it later turn around and, without any second request from you, accept the same item and charge you a fee for an overdraft? The complaint for this class action alleges that First County both charges multiple NSF fees on a single item and sometimes charges both an NSF fee and an overdraft fee on the same item.

NBT Bank Logo

A number of banks have come under fire lately for their overdraft and non-sufficient fund (NSF) fees. This class action brings suit against NBT Bank, NA. In some cases, fees have been assessed when accounts were not actually overdrawn, the complaint alleges, while in others, multiple NSF fees have been improperly assessed on a single item. 

Sign Above Capital One Branch

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover a transaction, how many fees should you be charged? The complaint for this class action alleges Capital One Bank, NA imposes multiple non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees or may charge an NSF fee then an overdraft fee. This, the complaint says, is against the provisions in its own banking documents.

Bank of America Sign on Building

Bank of America Corporation and Bank of America, NA are paying just under $5 million to settle a class action about overdraft fees. The complaint claims that account agreements specified that transactions that are not “recurring” would be rejected if account funds were insufficient, thus avoiding overdraft fees.