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Deceptive Insurance Practices

Wells Fargo Logo

Four defendants—Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Wells Fargo & Co, National General Holdings Corp., and National General Insurance Company—have decided to pay a little less than $400 million to settle a class action about their auto loans.

Steep Roof, Seen from the Top

The difficulty in evaluating insurance policies is that you never know how good the company is until you have an actual loss and see how their payment system works. The complaint for this class action alleges that LM Insurance Corporation (Liberty Mutual) does not properly pay for labor, in at least two different ways, in its actual cash value payouts for damages to property.

Yellow Hardhat on Orange Safety Cone

This class action is brought against certain members of the Liberty Mutual Group of insurance companies and a Liberty Mutual subsidiary that provides their claims administration. The complaint alleges that the companies do not provide prompt payment of workers’ compensation claims nor an explanation of why the claims are disputed. 

Magnifying Glass on Words "Life Insurance"

This class action concerns Wilco Life Insurance Company policies that come with a guaranteed interest rate. The complaint claims that the company has unlawfully increased its “cost of insurance” charges to customers to cover the interest.

Kilauea Lava Setting Fire to and Overrunning House

Kilauea, a volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, has been erupting since 1983. When new fissures opened in it in May 2018, sending lava in new directions and destroying property that had previously not been threatened, a number of homeowners found out that their insurance coverage was inadequate. The complaint for this class action claims that the plaintiffs were sold the wrong insurance, sometimes with lava exclusions, against Hawaiian insurance rules.

Geico Logo with Geico Gecko

When are price increases fair, and how should they be imposed? The complaint for this action claims that Government Employees Insurance Company (Geico) provided a quote for a six-month car insurance policy, then raised the rate only a few months later, before the end of the six-month period.

Centennial Bank Logo

Plaintiff Simeon Penton bought a condominium in Florida, which he financed with a mortgage eventually assigned to Centennial Bank. The complaint for this class action claims that Centennial wrongly decided that he did not have enough flood or hazard insurance and force-placed insurance on the property, first through Overby-Seawell Company (OSC) and later through Great American Insurance Company. 

State Farm Logo

Do you live in California and have a State Farm whole life insurance policy? Is it a flexible-premium, adjustable-rate policy bought in 1994 or later? If so, you may be paying too much for it, based on an incorrectly-figured cost of insurance.

Patient Lying on Gurney, Being Wheeled Through Hospital

Have you been treated at an in-network hospital or emergency room that accepts your insurance, only to receive a surprise bill from out-of-network personnel or services? Have you presented your insurance card, paid your deductible, coinsurance or copayment, and then still received a bill for thousands of dollars that you had no idea you would owe? 

JetBlue Plane Taking Off

The complaint for this class action claims that JetBlue Airways Corporation’s sale of insurance on its website is deceptive. The complaint claims that the website gives the false impression that JetBlue has no interest in the sale and that the amount charged is only a pass-through fee for the cost of the insurance. In actuality, the complaint says, JetBlue gets a kickback from these sales despite the fact that it is not licensed to sell insurance.