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Your Privacy

Walmart sued for TCPA violations re pharmacy calls

This lawsuit alleges that Walmart violated federal law by making unsolicited auto-generated calls to former pharmacy customers without prior express consent.

smile at sea junk fax class action lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Smile At Sea sent unsolicited faxes to consumers promoting dental education courses on cruise ships.

It is alleged that PharMerica Corporation violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending unsolicited fax advertisements. PharMerica sent faxes promoting their 'symposia/exhibition series' between October 29, 2009 and November 5, 2013. If you were sent one or more symposia faxes you may receive payment of at least $156.50 per fax.

This lawsuit alleged that The Body Shop violated federal law by sending unsolicited texts to consumers without their express consent.


A class action lawsuit alleges Path Inc. violated federal law by sending unsolicited text messages to consumers' cell phones.



This lawsuit alleges that Six Continents Hotels in California has allegedly monitored and recorded incoming calls without notifying callers, against California state law. Callers who spoke to a Six Continents Hotels representative on a toll-free number between March 1, 2011 and July 18, 2012 could be entitled to a cash payment from the class action settlement.

Walmart sued for violating TCPA

This lawsuit alleges that Walmart violated the TCPA buy placing numerous auto generated calls to consumers cell phones in connection with Walmart credit.

iCard Gift Spam Text Message Class Action

This lawsuit alleges that iCard Gift Card sent unsolicited text messages promoting pre-paid gift cards to consumers’ cell phones without express consent from those consumers.


Junk Fax Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Nutritional Brands sent unsolicited faxes to various persons and business in violation of federal law.


Patients Sues Medical Informatics Engineering For Data Breach

This lawsuit alleges that Medical Informatics Engineering violated the law by having inadequate security protocols in place such that patients’ sensitive medical and financial records in its custody were stolen.