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Your Privacy

Cedar Financial Logo

Cedars Business Services, LLC does business as Cedar Financial, and it is settling a class action alleging that it recorded calls to cell phones in California without first telling the other party that the call was being recorded. The complaint claims that this practice violates California privacy laws.

Washington State University Buildings

In 2017, Washington State University (WSU) found that a hard drive with a backup of its Social & Economic Sciences Research Center server had been stolen from a self-storage. WSU is now settling a class action stemming from that theft. The complaint alleged that WSU had not adequately protected the information which included personal data for over a million individuals.

Synchrony Bank Logo

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) governs consumer credit reporting in a number of ways. One of its provisions is that no third party may get a report on a particular consumer without a valid purpose. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that Synchrony Bank performs a “hard pull” to obtain credit reports on consumers when it has no permitted reason to do so.

What would you think of a pharmacy that suggested your doctor to prescribe a medication for you—without even speaking to you about it first? That’s what this complaint claims CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and two associated companies have done in order to increase their sales.

Sign for First Financial on Brick Wall with Eagle Logo

Should companies delete the private information of customers after a certain period? The complaint for this class action says that First American Financial Corporation (FAFC) “expressly promises it will maintain appropriate facilities and systems to protect against unauthorized access to” its customers’ information. Still, it suffered a breach that exposed “approximately 885 million records” relating to sixteen years of mortgage transactions.

Fingerprint Scan

LCS Communications, Inc. and Fairrington, LLC are settling a class action alleging that they did not follow Illinois law when taking palm, hand, or finger scans for timekeeping purposes. The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act sets rules that must be obeyed when a company must provide when collecting, storing, and sharing biometric information.

Image of Hacker in Hoodie at Computer

You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. Data breaches are costly to victims because they have no way of taking back their information and must do many things to change card and account information and monitor their credit reports, tax filings, and medical bills for years afterwards. This class action alleges that ABB, Inc. and Baldor Electric Company, known as ABB Motors and Mechanical, Inc., did not take adequate measures to protect employee data.

Fingerprint Scan

If someone steals your credit card or debit card number, you can cancel the card and get a new one. But what can you do if someone steals your fingerprints? Only a few states have laws on biometric data collection. The complaint for this class action alleges that Schenker, Inc. violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Property with Swimming Pool

When data breaches happen, it’s important that companies discover them promptly, put an end to them promptly, and just as promptly let customers know. This data breach class action, against Starwood Hotels & Resorts and its parent company, Marriott International, Inc., claims that hackers had access to customer data for four years and that the companies waited for more than two months before publicizing the breach when they discovered it.

Cover of Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. and Meredith Corporation are setting aside funds for the settlement of a class action alleging that they violated Michigan’s Preservation of Personal Privacy Act. The complaint claimed that the companies disclosed information about subscribers to third parties.