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Your Privacy

Button with Image of Receiver and red "REC" light

California has more consumer protection laws than many states, including the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA). The complaint for this class action alleges that GC Services, LP violated CIPA in recording calls with consumers without giving them a warning or getting their consent.

Google Street View Vehicle

This settlement resolves combined cases against Google claiming that its “street view” vehicles improperly captured and stored electronic communications sent over unencrypted wifi connections between 2007 and 2010. The complaint alleged that this activity was a violation of the Federal Wiretap Act. No payouts will be made to individuals.

The Personal Insurance Company Logo

The Personal Insurance Company and its parent company, Desjardins General Insurance Group, Inc., are paying more than $2 million to settle a class action alleging that the Personal violated the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Icon for "Y T Kids" on SmartPhone Screen

This class action brings suit against Google, LLC and YouTube, LLC, which operate YouTube, and against certain child-related companies that operate “monetized channels” on YouTube. The complaint alleges that “the Google Defendants and each of the Channel Owner Defendants caused the personal information of children viewing their channels to be collected for the purpose of creating individual profiles for those minors to enable Defendants to subject the minors to targeted advertising…”

Shady Figure in Hoodie at Computer

This class action has been brought against two groups of companies, Amazon and Capital One, for failing to protect customer information in a data breach., Inc., Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), Capital One Financial Corporation, Capital One, NA, and Capital One Bank (USA) are all named as defendants in this suit involving a former Amazon employee and the information of over 100 million Capital One customers.

Back of Delivery Person with "Doordash" on Jacket

Doordash has now been added to the long list of companies that have been victims of data breaches in recent years. The complaint for this class action alleges that the incident exposed the confidential information of 4.9 million users and facilitators of its services; it also claims that Doordash failed to inform them promptly.

Southwest Airlines Plane in Flight

California has strong privacy laws in its California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA) which forbids the recording of calls without the consent of all parties to the call. The complaint for this class action alleges that Southwest Airlines Co. violates the law by regularly recording calls to and from its Rapid Rewards number.

Yahoo! Logo on Purple Ground

Yahoo! Inc. and Aabaco Small Business, LLC are paying $117.5 million to settle class actions relating to a number of data security incidents. The incidents include 2012 data security intrusions (where the systems were breached but it appears that no data was stolen) and data breaches (where data was stolen) that occurred between 2013 and 2016.

Motel 6 with Sign in Front

The lawsuit settled by this consent decree was brought by the Attorney General of the State of Washington against Motel 6 Operating, LP and G6 Hospitality, LLC. The complaint alleged that certain Motel 6 locations shared guest information, such as names, driver’s license numbers, and dates of birth with the US Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Home Depot Store Exterior

Illinois has a fairly simple Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), considering the risks involved in collecting and storing biometrics. Even so, the complaint for this class action alleges that the Home Depot, Inc. did not follow the requirements of BIPA in collecting and storing biometric information—no, not the information of its employees but of its customers.