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Your Privacy

Silhouettes of People Using Facebook

Facebook, Inc. has again exposed the personal information of users, this time in a data breach announced on September 28, 2018. The complaint for this class action claims that the company’s “lax security practices” led to the breach, which exposed information pertaining to some thirty million Facebook users.

A Mikvah

This class action was brought against Rabbi Bernard Freundel and four religious organizations: the Georgetown Synagogue – Kesher Israel Congregation; the National Capital Mikvah, Inc.; the Rabbinical Council of America, Inc.; the Beth Din of the United States of America, Inc.

Wendy's Logo

Wendy’s will pay more than $3 million to settle a class action alleging it was at fault when the point-of-sale systems at certain of its franchised restaurants were breached between 2015 and 2016. The malware used in the breach permitted the hackers to obtain customer payment card information.

Telephone Receiver with Sign "Call Recording"

The complaint for this class action alleges that Avvo, Inc. records telephone calls with consumers without their consent. This would violate the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA). 

Consumer Reports Magazine Cover

Consumer Reports Publications has decided to settle a class action alleging that it violated Michigan’s Preservation of Personal Privacy Act by disclosing subscriber information to third parties.

Beach in Manatee County, Florida

The School Board of Manatee County, Florida has put aside $300,000 to settle a class action alleging that the Board was negligent and breached implied contracts when it allowed W-2 data to be disclosed in January 2017. 

PF Chang's China Bistro Location

PF Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. and Pei Wei Asian Diner are settling a class action alleging the company violated California privacy laws by recording consumer calls to its toll-free number without the consumer’s permission. 

Cover of Consumer Reports Magazine

These days, information is valuable—and in reaction to this, privacy is being more fiercely defended. A number of states have passed laws protection personal privacy. This complaint claims that Consumer Reports, Inc. violated Rhode Island’s Video, Audio and Publication Rentals Privacy Act (RIVRPA) by selling the Personal Reading Information of its subscribers to third parties.

Front of Children's Mercy Hospital

The release of personal information can lead to identity theft, but the law has also recognized that there are risks to consumers in the release of their medical information. The complaint for this class action claims that Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri did not take adequate steps to prevent access to the medical information of patients.

Google Logo

A recent lawsuit disclosed that Google intercepted e-mails to Gmail users, scanned the contents, then used them to serve up advertising. It did not tell senders that it was doing this. Crucially, the lawsuit was brought by a sender who had no Google accounts and so could not have consented to this violation of privacy. We’re investigating to see if a class action is needed to provide compensation to the senders of e-mails during that time.