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SFX shareholder sues for securities fraud

This lawsuit alleges that the CEO artificially inflated the SFXE stock price by routinely stating he intended to purchase all remaining shares, but in fact the CEO and the company knew that the CEO would find it impossible to get proper funding for such claims.

Investment Technology Shareholder brings class action

This lawsuit alleges that Investment Technology Group operated an undisclosed trading platform that apparently used pending client trade information to make undisclosed trades.

This lawsuit alleges that executives of On Deck Capital made materially false and misleading statements regarding On Deck Capital’s business, operational and compliance policies including the true rate of default for the company’s loan portfolio was steadily increasing and the true value of the company’s loan portfolio was in material decline. 

This lawsuit alleges that Constant Contact failed to disclose the true nature of its forecasted revenues insofar as its customer conversion rate was less than announced and that customers were opting for lower priced services.

shareholder of whole foods sues for securities fraud

This lawsuit alleges that Whole Foods misrepresented to shareholders that its operational controls were strong yet the company routinely overstated the weight of its pre-packaged products and overcharged customers. This caused Whole Foods' stock to be artificially inflated.

Part of Forterus, an AAC Facility

This lawsuit alleges that AAC Holdings and its CEO failed to disclose to investors that the company, the CEO, and other employees were under criminal investigation for murder in connection with the operation of its facilities.

TriNet Group Shareholder Litigation

This lawsuit alleges Trinet misrepresented to investors the accurate costs associated with workers compensation claims.  Specifically, that the company was experiencing greater than announced worker compensation costs even after analysts queried executives about the lower-than-industry average cost projections.

Abengoa  sued for securities fraud

This lawsuit alleges that since November 12, 2014, Abengoa has misrepresented the liquidity of  its balance sheet in corporate reports filed with the SEC and in conference calls with financial analysts. 

Resource Capital shareholder accuses company of stock fraud

This securities fraud class action alleges that Resource Capital should have disclosed its exposure to the Puerto Rican economy sooner than it did and therefore the REIT was trading at an artificially inflated value.

Plains All American Pipeline shareholder suit

This securities fraud class action alleges that Plains All American Pipeline issued false and misleading statements concerning its pipeline monitoring, maintenance and spill response measures, as well as its compliance with federal regulations governing its pipeline operations.