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Trustmark Logo

This is yet another class action about unfair bank fees assessed to customers. The complaint alleges that Trustmark National Bank (1) charges overdraft fees on transactions that do not actually overdraw accounts, (2) charges two out-of-network (OON) fees on OON ATM cash withdrawals, and (3) charging three OON fees on OON ATM cash withdrawals preceded by a balance inquiry.

Fifth Third Bank Logo

More and more complaints are questioning the practices of banks in charging customers fees for ATM use and overdrafts. This complaint takes on three practices of Fifth Third Bank (FTB), involving allegedly false out-of-network fees, multiple non-sufficient funds fees, and overdraft fees on one-time debit card transactions. According to the complaint, each of these violate the terms of its customer agreements.

Comenity Capital Bank Logo

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) prohibits anyone from getting a consumer credit report unless they have one of the permissible purposes outlined in the law. But Comenity Capital Bank, the entity behind PayPal Credit, made two hard credit pulls via Equifax on information about plaintiff Kevin Teichen, the complaint for this class action alleges.

Huntington Bank Sign

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) orders that banks may only pay items, such as checks, that are properly payable from customer accounts. The complaint for this class action, however, alleges that the Huntington National Bank refused to provide the protection mandated by the UCC to one of its customers, Majestic Building Maintenance. Why? Because the customer had not purchased the bank’s fraud prevention services. The complaint says this is a violation of the anti-tying provisions of the Bank Holding Company Act (BHCA).

Wells Fargo Logo

Wells Fargo is settling yet another class action with a $30 million payout. The complaint alleged that Wells Fargo violated the terms of the promissory notes underlying certain FHA-insured home loans when it collected post-payment interest without providing proper disclosure to borrowers who made prepayment inquiries, requested pay-off figures, or tendered prepayment.

Apple Federal Credit Union Logo

This complaint alleges that Apple Federal Credit Union (Apple FCU) charges overdraft (OD) fees for non-recurring transactions, even when they are supposed to refuse non-recurring transactions that would overdraw an account. Even more inexplicable, the complaint claims that Apple FCU charged OD fees even when statements show that an account never went into overdraft status. 

Landmark Credit Union Sign

Landmark Credit Union is settling a class action alleging that (1) it did not properly allow members to opt in to its overdraft program for ATM and debit card payments, and (2) it improperly charged customers overdraft fees when they had money in the “ledger balances” but not in the “available balances” of their checking accounts.


Lately, a number of class actions have been filed that take issue with overdraft fees. At issue is sometimes the bank’s method of calculating the amount available in the account. The complaint for this class action also alleges that the bank did not provide customers with a proper opt-in for paying overdrafts according to the requirements of Regulation E of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

Flagstar Bank Branch

The complaint for this class action claims that Flagstar Bank failed to pay interest on mortgage escrow or impound accounts, as required by California law. 

Keyboard with Sign, "Warning. Ponzi Scheme."

Did Bank of America enable a Ponzi scheme involving over a hundred Bank of America accounts? The complaint for this class action claims the scheme was created and operated by the five conspirators and the companies they set up, but it involved the use of over one hundred Bank of America accounts. The complaint claims that the account activities should have raised red flags and alerted the bank to what was going on.