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Apple Federal Credit Union Logo

This complaint alleges that Apple Federal Credit Union (Apple FCU) charges overdraft (OD) fees for non-recurring transactions, even when they are supposed to refuse non-recurring transactions that would overdraw an account. Even more inexplicable, the complaint claims that Apple FCU charged OD fees even when statements show that an account never went into overdraft status. 

Landmark Credit Union Sign

Landmark Credit Union is settling a class action alleging that (1) it did not properly allow members to opt in to its overdraft program for ATM and debit card payments, and (2) it improperly charged customers overdraft fees when they had money in the “ledger balances” but not in the “available balances” of their checking accounts.


Lately, a number of class actions have been filed that take issue with overdraft fees. At issue is sometimes the bank’s method of calculating the amount available in the account. The complaint for this class action also alleges that the bank did not provide customers with a proper opt-in for paying overdrafts according to the requirements of Regulation E of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

Flagstar Bank Branch

The complaint for this class action claims that Flagstar Bank failed to pay interest on mortgage escrow or impound accounts, as required by California law. 

Keyboard with Sign, "Warning. Ponzi Scheme."

Did Bank of America enable a Ponzi scheme involving over a hundred Bank of America accounts? The complaint for this class action claims the scheme was created and operated by the five conspirators and the companies they set up, but it involved the use of over one hundred Bank of America accounts. The complaint claims that the account activities should have raised red flags and alerted the bank to what was going on. 

Cards Printed with Different Interest Rates

Many people who hold mortgages are required by the mortgage companies to pay monthly amounts into an escrow or impound account. California law requires that the interest on these accounts be paid to the homeowner. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that Flagstar Bank, FSB or its parent Flagstar Bancorp, Inc., did not do this.

House with Foreclosure Sign

Did New Century sell a mortgage it did not in fact own? The complaint for this class action rests primarily on that allegation plus claims that amounts charged in connection with a subsequent foreclosure were excessive and improper. 

Banco Popular Logo

Banco Popular is settling a class action alleging that it helped cause customer overdrafts through three disputed practices. First, the complaint says, it did not provide a “real time” warning to customers that transactions would overdraw their accounts.

Paper with Heading "Mortgage Loan Modification"

If a mortgage loan modification results in all or part of the loan requiring a balloon payment, California law requires that the modifying bank properly inform the mortgage holders. But the complaint for this class action claims that Wells Fargo provided no such notice to plaintiffs Joseph and Lisa Wyman that they would owe a balloon payment of $30,000 at the end of the term of their mortgage. The sole count alleged by the complaint is the violation of the California Civil Code § 2966 requiring notification of the balloon payment.

Chase Bank Branch

Chase Bank USA is putting up $11.5 million to settle a class action alleging that it did not update its reports to credit agencies when accounts sold to debt buyers were discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. The complaint claims that the account holders’ credit reports continued to reflect that the debts were sold or charged off, negatively affecting their ability to get credit.