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Unlawful Debt Collection

Debt Collector sued for violating FDCPA

This lawsuit alleges that debt collector C.TECH sent debt collection letters demanding payment of an amount larger than the actual amount owed, and to the extent the additional amount was collection fees or interest, C.TECH failed to itemize those added charges.

Total Customer Service Debt Collection Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Total Customer Services violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by leaving voice messages on consumers’ answering machines that failed to properly identify that Total Customer Services was a debt collector attempting to collect on a debt.

Debt collection Exposure of QR Code Class Action

This lawsuit alleges that Collecto dba EOS CCO violated federal and state law regarding debt collection practices by placing customer QR codes in the window of the envelope which in turn makes it visible to all.  A person can scan the QR code and determine the customers account number which arguably is illegal when visible without opening the envelope.

Firstsource lawsuit re illegal debt collection practices

This lawsuit alleges that Firstsource Advantage, an independent debt collection agency, while attempting to collect on an American Express debt violated federal and state laws by designing its collection letters to make it appear that this letters were in fact coming from American Express and not a third party debt collection company.

Bank of America Illegal debit class action lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Bank oF America, Encore Capital and Asset Acceptance Corp violated various federal laws when Bank of America relying on legacy information about the plaintiffs, began electronically debiting their PNC bank account to pay off a disputed consumer debt.