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Unlawful Debt Collection

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This class action has been brought against Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. and Jefferson Capital LLC because of Convergent’s alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) against New Jersey consumers.

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This class action claims that Western Sky Financial and CashCall, Inc., together engaged in unlawful short-term lending practices.

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This case arises out of unsecured consumer installment loans that Florida residents applied for and received from Western Sky Financial. After the loans were finalized and funded, Western Sky sold and assigned the loans to WS Funding, and such loans were subsequently serviced by CashCall, Inc.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Pro Solutions engaged in illegal conduct regarding HOA accounts that were transferred to Pro Solutions for debt collection.  This illegal conduct includes:

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This class action lawsuit claims that Ocwen Loan Servicing, LCC, breached its contract with consumers through a systematic practice of charging illegal prepayment penalties in the form of “post-payment” interest on loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration without first complying with the uniform provisions of the promissory notes and the FHA regulations governing these loans.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that CB1 Collections improperly collected a surcharge for credit or debit card use. 

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The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that Wells Fargo violated the Truth in Lending Act by issuing payoff statements that did not credit or disclose property insurance claim funds held by Wells Fargo and which were potentially available to be applied to her account balance. 

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The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that Bank of America breached the promissory notes underlying consumers' FHA-insured home loans when they collected post-payment interest without providing an FHA-approved payoff disclosure to borrowers who made a pre-payment inquiry, request for payoff figures, or tender of prepayment.

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This lawsuit claims that systemic and improper collusion between Nationstar Mortgage Holdings and Bank of America to charge homeowners inflated amounts of principal on their mortgages based upon late fees incurred throughout the term of the loan resulted in “balloon payments” at the end of the term.

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Genpact Services, a consumer debt collection company, made calls attempting to collect debt without disclosing its identity to many Florida residents.