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Unlawful Background Checks

Employee Termination

This class action alleges violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by JD Palatine LLC and Healthcare Services Group, Inc. in connection with a consumer report. First, the complaint alleges, JD Palatine issued a report containing outdated adverse information. Second, it claims, Healthcare Services Group took adverse action without giving the subject sufficient and timely notification, a copy of the report, and a summary of rights under the FCRA, so that she was unable to correct the errors in the report.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Kelly Services failed to make disclosures in the manner required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act before obtaining background checks on employees and applicants. 

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that DISH violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) in two ways. First, Plaintiffs allege that DISH failed to provide proper legally required disclosures to Contractor Technicians prior to obtaining consumer reports on them for employment purposes.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Credit Plus willfully violated a provision of the FCRA when it included a MERS Report with information that indicated plaintiffs had mortgage liens with an “inactive” status, without indicating whether the mortgage lien was paid-in-full, transferred to another servicer, foreclosed, or discharged in bankruptcy.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Express Services violated federal credit reporting laws by failing to provide the required pre-adverse action notice to employees and job applicants, as required by the FCRA, so that they are afforded the opportunity to correct any inaccuracies in background checks before the employer takes adverse action against them. 

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that the U.S. Census Bureau unlawfully discriminated against African Americans and Latinos in their background check process when hiring temporary employees for the 2010 Decennial Census.

This class action alleges that Business Information Group violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by providing inaccurate reports to prospective employers and other third parties, and by not providing the required notice to the subject of the reports, allowing him to correct the inaccuracies. 

PreCheck, Inc. has settled a case alleging that it provided consumer reports for employment purposes to parties without first getting certification from them that they had complied with its obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Freeman Webb accused of violating FCRA

This lawsuit alleges that Freemen Webb violated the FCRA by pulling consumer report of employee without giving proper notice and by taking adverse action against that employee without again proper notice.