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Unfair Services

Equity Residential Management (ERM) and other companies have settled a class action claiming that they charged tenants nonrefundable fees, including application fees, move-in fees, pet fees, and community fees, that allegedly violate Massachusetts laws. This settlement resolves claims against the following companies:

This lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act when doing background checks on potential new hires.

This class action lawsuit alleges that Metropolitan Life Insurance Company ("MetLife") breached its fiduciary duties to ERISA-covered retirement plan clients by failing to disclose key information including the manner in which it sets the internal "crediting rate" used to distribute capital investment income to their accounts.

Total Petrochemical Facility

A class action brought against Total Petrochemicals, Inc. alleges that the company breached its fiduciary duties as administrator of its employee 401(k) fund, because the company is requiring employee participants to sell company stock in the fund back to the company at a loss. The lawsuit is brought under the rules of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

A class action has been filed against mortgage servicer LoanCare, questioning its practices with force-place insurance covering property used as collateral for mortgages.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against video communications giant Talk Fusion that accuses the company of operating a pyramid scheme, a business practice that is illegal in the United States and other parts of the world. 

This class action alleges that when users of AOL e-mail have had their accounts hacked and files are subsequently lost, the company has offered those customers paid membership services on a free 30-day trial basis as a means to help them recover the missing data, only to delay the promised assistance until monthly charges become applicable under the agreement.

This class action alleges that Yale, a database of public records and employment histories, provided inaccurate information that overstated legal offenses in a way that caused the plaintiff to lose a job he had been offered, and also that it did not provide the plaintiff with timely notice of the report.

This class action alleges that Black Warrior, a membership cooperative which provided electrical service to residents and businesses in certain areas of Alabama, failed to distribute “excess revenues” according to legal requirements.

This class action alleges that Groupon and businesses making offers through Groupon illegally used expiration dates and other restrictions on vouchers, violated state consumer laws, and failed to make adequate disclosures of terms. It combines a number of lawsuits against Groupon. A previous settlement was reached in 2012 but was terminated after an appeal.