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Unfair Services

This lawsuit claims that InterCoast College misrepresented the accreditation status of its nursing program, unfairly recruited nursing students, and incentivized students to take use federal aid to take out loans which they cannot pay back due to InterCoast’s poor education services.

image of genworth logo

Genworth Financial recently was caught in a scheme in which it improperly calculated its claims experience data for Long Term Care (LTC) insurance so that it could reduce the size of its reserve funds and use the extra funds from premiums to cover unrelated costs and increase profits.  This lawsuit claims that in the aftermath of Genworth being caught, they deceptively tried to increase policyholders’ premiums to adequately fund reserves.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Wendy's violated California law by refusing to redeem Wendy’s gift cards for their cash value upon customer request when the remaining value on the card was less than $10.

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The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that BMW Financial Services repossessed her car without providing her with a right to cure notice prior to the repossession.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that JPMorgan Chase charged excessive fees on inmates’ funds on BOP Debit Cards and that cardholders did not give consent to receive their funds on a BOP Debit Card or to pay fees to Chase.  Plaintiffs further allege that the fees were not properly disclosed when the cards were issued.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that MXI Corporation operated a pyramid scheme involving chocolate distributors in violation of Nevada State law. 

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that JP Morgan Chase unlawfully forteited unused credit card reward points when the credit card accounts were closed.

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            This lawsuit claims that Staples engaged in a deceptive scheme where it purported to offer and provide to members Rewards Points for purchases made during the calendar quarter.  The points were supposed to be a certain percentage of the consumer’s purchases that quarter, but in fact, members received credit in amounts far less than the represented percentage of their purchase amount.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that certain Renewal Billing Fees charged by Alliance United Insurance Company constitute “premium” under California Insurance Code § 381, and allegedly were not disclosed properly in the policy.

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburg, a subsidiary of AIG, were responsible for selling and underwriting group insurance to consumers who allegedly were not members of a group eligible under state law to receive such insurance, falsely and deceptively advertised such insurance, and collected excessive premiums or fees.