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Unfair Services

image of a repossession sign

The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that certain Maryland borrowers with vehicle installment loans that were originated by or assigned to Wells Fargo Financial-Maryland did not receive legally compliant notices when their vehicles were repossessed and sold.

image of verizon logo

This class action lawsuit claims that Verizon obtains credit reports through “hard” credit pulls, which result in significant harm including decreased credit scores for consumers and the disclosure of private information, despite instructions not to do so.

image of lularoe logo

This class action lawsuit claims that LuLaRoe’s online point-of-sale payment platform, called “Audrey,” automatically charges customers sales tax based on the location of LuLaRoe’s consultant who made the sale, not the laws of the tax authority of the “ship to address.”

image of sephora logo

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Sephora discriminatorily deactivated from its website thousands of customers in the U.S. whose customer accounts had email addresses with China-based service providers:, and

image of proactiv products

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Guthy-Renker LLC violated California Business & Professions Code by enrolling consumers in automatic renewal billing for Proactiv products without properly informing the consumers about their automatic renewal billing practices.

image of farmers logo

This class action lawsuit claims that Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company (Farmers Texas) offered the “Farmers Smart Plan Auto” (FSPA) to new customers while hiding the plan to current and loyal customers that were stuck in plans that charged significantly higher premiums.

image of lincoln national logo

This lawsuit claims that Lincoln National unlawfully increased their “cost of insurance” costs to increase profit despite the policies’ language saying that rate increases will only be based upon “future mortality, interest, expenses, and lapses.”

image of nortel logo

The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that, beginning in 2001, Nortel Networks Limited, Nortel Networks Inc., Qwest Communications International Inc., Thomas N. Salzano, Alexander L. Wolf and Robert J. Fine and third party NorVergence, Inc.

image of donald trump speaking

Plaintiffs allege that “Trump University” and Donald Trump violated federal law across the country and state law (in California, Florida and New York) by promising, but not delivering access to Trump’s real estate techniques taught by “hand-picked” professors at an elite “university,” when in fact Trump was not substantively involved in the Live Events curriculum or selecting the instructors.

image of petsmart logo

This lawsuit claims that PetSmart violated Florida State Law by unlawfully charging consumers sales tax on the purchase of prescription animal food.  Florida law exempts prescription animal food from sales tax.