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Unfair Services

image of belford hs logo

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Belford High School claimed to be accredited, yet it is not a real school, has never been accredited, and has never had authority to issue high school diplomas.

image of brookdale logo

This class action lawsuit claims that Brookdale Senior Living has engaged in a scheme through its “Resident Assessment System” that defrauds the seniors, people with disabilities, and families that relies upon its services.

image of a gold card

This class action lawsuit claims that when GNC discontinued its popular Gold Club program, millions of consumers were unable to receive the benefits of the program for the full one-year period contemplated when they paid to join the program.

image of nyc applebees location

This class action lawsuit claims that two Applebee’s locations in New York City illegally charge surcharges for food from the restaurant instead of allowing customers to choose how much they wish to tip.

image of an unemployed person holding a sign

This class action lawsuit claims that the State of Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency administers unemployment insurance through automated programs with were defectively designed, implement, and/or maintained which has deprived thousands of Michigan’s unemployment claimants from their health care.

image of a repossession sign

The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that certain Maryland borrowers with vehicle installment loans that were originated by or assigned to Wells Fargo Financial-Maryland did not receive legally compliant notices when their vehicles were repossessed and sold.

image of verizon logo

This class action lawsuit claims that Verizon obtains credit reports through “hard” credit pulls, which result in significant harm including decreased credit scores for consumers and the disclosure of private information, despite instructions not to do so.

image of lularoe logo

This class action lawsuit claims that LuLaRoe’s online point-of-sale payment platform, called “Audrey,” automatically charges customers sales tax based on the location of LuLaRoe’s consultant who made the sale, not the laws of the tax authority of the “ship to address.”

image of sephora logo

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Sephora discriminatorily deactivated from its website thousands of customers in the U.S. whose customer accounts had email addresses with China-based service providers:, and

image of proactiv products

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Guthy-Renker LLC violated California Business & Professions Code by enrolling consumers in automatic renewal billing for Proactiv products without properly informing the consumers about their automatic renewal billing practices.