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Unfair Charges

Charter Communications Spectrum Van

When you pay a fee to a company, you normally expect to get something of value for it. The complaint for this class action alleges that Charter Communications, Inc. (CCI) charges a self-installation fee for its “free” modems and customer self-installation of its Spectrum Internet systems—in other words, for nothing of value.

Target Logo

A Target debit card may seem like a great idea, with debit card convenience combined with 5% off. But strictly speaking, the card isn’t exactly like a regular debit card, and consumers are paying significant amounts to find this out. The Target card may be more like an electronic check. It isn’t directly linked to your account, so it has no idea whether you have the funds or not. It will OK your purchase either way—and if the funds are not there, you will be hit with a substantial returned payment fee.

CenturyLink Logo on Wall

CenturyLink is again found settling a class action, this time one in the state of Missouri that alleges that the company sold a “Pure Broadband” package that was supposed to be broadband service only but actually included a limited-use phone line. 

Northwest Hospital, Seattle, Washington

Northwest Hospital in Kings County, Washington has agreed to settle a class action claiming that it violated the state’s Charity Care Laws by not screening all emergency department patients to see if they qualified for financial assistance.