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Yahoo Multiple Data Breaches Settlement

Settlement Structure: 
Case Summary: 

Yahoo! Inc. and Aabaco Small Business, LLC are paying $117.5 million to settle class actions relating to a number of data security incidents. The incidents include 2012 data security intrusions (where the systems were breached but it appears that no data was stolen) and data breaches (where data was stolen) that occurred between 2013 and 2016. Although the list of stolen information does not include payment card data or bank information, it does include passwords, so any private information contained in users’ accounts is also at risk. All in all, information for hundreds of millions of users worldwide have been put at risk.

Docket Number: 
Class Period: 
Sunday, January 1, 2012 to Saturday, December 31, 2016
Filing Deadline: 
Monday, July 20, 2020
Objection Deadline: 
Friday, March 6, 2020
Exclusion Deadline: 
Friday, March 6, 2020
Final Approval Hearing: 
Thursday, April 2, 2020
Yahoo! Logo on Purple Ground