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Claims Made

Wolford Boutique Exterior

Wolford Boutiques, LLC is settling a class action alleging that it sent telemarketing text messages to consumer cell phones on two different occasions, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The complaint alleged that the company used an automatic dialing system and did not get the consumers’ prior express written consent.

PF Chang's China Bistro Location

PF Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. and Pei Wei Asian Diner are settling a class action alleging the company violated California privacy laws by recording consumer calls to its toll-free number without the consumer’s permission. 

2014 Volkswagen Beetle

A settlement has been reached in a class action alleging that certain Volkswagen and Audi vehicles had defective timing chains or timing chain tensioners. The complaint claimed that these parts can fail, requiring repair or replacement, and at times even cause problems with the engine, requiring repair or replacement of that as well. 

Deck Surfaced with New Coat of DeckOver

Behr Process Corporation is settling a class action about its line of DeckOver deck coatings alleging that they don’t perform as advertised. The allegations include that DeckOver deteriorates quickly, fails to protect surfaces, fails to adhere to surfaces, and causes property damage to the surfaces to which it’s applied.

Taste of Nature Cooke Dough Bites

Taste of Nature, Inc. is settling a lawsuit alleging that its candies are packed in non-transparent containers that contain too much non-functional slack fill. In other words, consumers are getting less candy than they expect for the price.

Pile of Crab Legs at Whipper Snappers Restaurant

Fogle Enterprises, Inc. and Nolan Fogle are settling a class action suit alleging that their restaurants charged an unlawful 1%-1.5% “CDF fee” on customer bills, without disclosing the presence of the fee or that the funds collected were for non-charitable purposes. 

Blinds Installed in Room

This settles a class action claiming that 3 Day Blinds violated the Telephone Consumer Protectio Act (TCPA) when it had text messages sent to consumers. The complaint alleges that the company did not get the consumers’ prior express written consent to receive the messages.

TransPerfect Logo

This settlement resolves a class action brought by current and former employees of TransPerfect Global, Inc., claiming that the company was the victim of a phishing attack sometime around January 17, 2017. This resulted in a data breach and the exposure of the data and payroll information of employees of the company and certain of its affiliates.

Art Van Furniture Store

Art Van Furniture is settling a class action alleging that it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by making pre-recorded calls to consumer phones without the consumers’ consent.

Business Information Group Logo

Business Information Group, Inc. (BIG) is settling a class action alleging that it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in preparing consumer reports. The complaint claims that the consumer report compiled for the plaintiff contained inaccurate or incomplete public record information.