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Polluted or Toxic Air

Clairton Coke Plant

USX Corporation, doing business as US Steel, is settling a class action regarding its coke plant in Clairton, Pennsylvania. The complaint alleged that certain emissions from the plant—pollutants, air contaminants, and noxious smells—occurred because of the company’s conduct. It claimed that the emission have interfered with the use and enjoyment of homes in the area surrounding the plant. 

Aerial View of Union Carbide Property in South Charleston, WV

Union Carbide Corporation has a manufacturing facility in South Charleston, West Virginia that makes ethylene oxide for industrial purposes. The complaint for this class action calls the chemical “a powerful cancer-causing gas,” and alleges that the facility has been emitting it into the surrounding areas, “in both controlled and uncontrolled releases” for decades, thus raising the risk of cancer for area residents.

Sugar Cane Field in Pre-Harvest Burning

Sugar causes pollution—or at least the production of sugar does. That’s the contention of this class action, which alleges that sugar cane growers south of Lake Okeechobee in Florida pollute the air with their agricultural activities.

Frontier Airlines Airbus Aircraft

On June 2, 2017, Frontier Airlines Flight 1630 took off from Los Angeles, California on its way to Orlando, Florida. Two hours into the flight, a problem occurred with the quality of air in the cabin, with passengers experiencing eye irritation, coughing, choking, and passing out. The flight was forced to make an emergency landing. The complaint for this class action says that this incident was due to the design of the plane’s “bleed” air system, that many such incidents have occurred on Frontier flights, and that Frontier and Airbus, the designer of the aircraft, have knowingly and unnecessarily exposed passengers to serious health hazards without offering appropriate follow-up.