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Plumbing Defects

Orange Pipings with "Kitec" Printed on It

IPEX, Inc. and its related companies are settling a group of US and Canadian class actions relating to their Kitec plumbing products and systems. The cmoplaint alleged that the systems and products were defective and prone to failures that might cause leaks or damage to surroundings.


NIBCO, Inc. is settling two class actions alleging that its PEX tubing, fittings, and clamps are defective and can leak. The complaints cited (1) NIBCO’s 1006 formulation tubing, including Dura-PEX and PEX; (2) NIBCO’s 1807 brass fittings; and (3) stainless steel clamps.

Nibco Logo

NIBCO, Inc. makes PEX tubing and fittings that it claims should serve for ten to twenty-five years. But the complaint for this class action alleges that they fail much sooner than that, due to defects in the products. 

Brass Compression Plumbing Part

EZ-Flo International has reached a settlement in a class action alleging that certain plumbing system components made of yellow brass are defective or poor quality, resulting in damage. The yellow brass includes copper alloys with a zinc content of 15% or greater by weight. See Schedule 1, Covered Products or the Notice, for a list of parts and images of parts. 


image of pipe components

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Zurn designed and sold defective F1807 Fittings that prematurely degrade, leak and cause damage as a result of corrosion from 1996 to 2010. They also claim that the warranty Zurn provided with these F1807 Fittings should pay for repairs related to their alleged failures. 

image of pluming components

Plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege they have suffered damages arising out of defects in certain potable water plumbing system components and sub-components made of yellow brass (copper alloys with a zinc content of 15% or greater by weight) and designed to be regularly in contact with water, which were manufactured, distributed, and/or sold by BrassCraft.

This class action, which alleges that homes in the Ocean Pointe Project, in the District of Ewa, Hawaii, have defects, has resulted in three separate settlements. The defects include brass plumbing fittings, alleged not to comply with building and plumbing codes, and hurricane straps that attach the frame of a home to its concrete foundation, alleged to be defective.

This lawsuit alleges that Fluidmaster, Inc. “NO-BURST” stainless steel water supply lines were defectively designed, causing the lines to routinely and prematurely rupture, in violation of consumer protection laws.

This case alleges that certain Zurn-made brass crimp fittings/connectors made of certain yellow brass between 1996 and 2010 were defective causing potential fitting leaks, occlusion (blockage that reduces water flow) and damage caused by alleged corrosion fittings.

This lawsuit alleges that certain Uponor high zinc content brass plumbing fittings and components are defective and prematurely corrode causing water damage to property.