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Misrepresentation of Terms of Sale

Crossfit 22D RV

The complaint for this lawsuit alleges that the General RV Center, Inc. (GRVC) took advantage of an elderly couple and made them believe that they were buying a new recreational vehicle (RV) when in fact they were buying one that had been recalled for defects. From start to finish, the sales process seems to have been questionable, with changing prices, misrepresentation, and other suspect details.

Facade of Fry Store

Fry’s Electronics advertised the sale of computer graphics cards with warranties, but the complaint for this class action questions whether it intended to honor the warranties. Ramos bought an open-box graphics card for which Fry’s claimed it would honor the manufacturer’s warranty, but when the card malfunctioned, Fry’s refused to replace the card or refund the purchase price, on the grounds that Ramos had not registered the card with the manufacturer. However, the papers needed for the registration are only available to buyers of brand-new cards.

Del Amo Store

Too Fast, Inc., doing business as Del Amo Motorsports, has agreed to settle a class action that alleges that it violated California’s Rees-Levering Automobile Sales Finance Act when it sold motorcycles using credit cards offered under names such as the “Kawasaki Card” or the “Suzuki Card.” The complaint claims that Del Amo sold motorcycles as credit card transactions without making all the disc

Truth in Lending Act

The complaint for this class action asserts that the defendants—Wells Fargo, Windows USA, and a company related to Windows—used unfair pressure tactics and outright misrepresentations to lure potential customers in to signing agreements, related to window replacements and their financing, that did not provide what they were said to provide.