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This class action lawsuit is brought against USA Technologies alleging failure to disclose (1) significant deficiencies in both the design and operating effectiveness of the company’s internal control over financial reporting; and (2) as a result of these deficiencies, USA Technologies’ procedures failed to identify a large number of uncollectible small balance accounts.

This shareholder derivative lawsuit alleges that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and its board of directors breached fiduciary duties by failing to implement internal and corporate controls necessary to ensure dissemination of accurate information to shareholders and the investment community, particularly in connection with the release of the company's Llano product.

This securities fraud class action alleges that Globus, a medical device company, failed to disclose (1) its relationship with a significant distributor was deteriorating; (2) the deterioration negatively impacted Globus’s financial performance; and (3) as a result, Globus’s prospects and statements were false and misleading.

This securities class action alleges that FSC, an asset portfolio company, and FSAM, its asset manager and investment advisor, fraudulently and artificially inflated FSC's assets and investment income in order to increase FSAM's revenue and, later, sell FSC's shares in a subsequent initial public offering at a higher price to investors.

This lawsuit alleges that Volkswagen AG made materially false and misleading statements and omissions to investors concerning company operations, financial condition and outlook and specifically failed to disclose that it had utilized a "defeat device" in certain diesel cars which allowed the vehicles to temporarily reduce emissions during testing yet emit at dramatically higher levels outside of testing conditions.

     This is a securities fraud class action brought against LSB Industries, Inc. alleging that LSB failed to disclose that LSB’s costs related to the expansion of the El Dorado Facility would be significantly higher than reported, which made LSB’s statements about its business operations and prospects false and misleading.

SEIN shareholder sues for securities fraud

     This securities fraud class action alleges that Sientra failed to disclose that (1) its exclusive reliance on Silimed’s Brazilian manufacturing facilities carried significant quality control risks and (2) the manufacturing processes at the Silimed Rio de Janeiro manufacturing plant were contaminated.

     This lawsuit alleges QLogic violated federal securities laws by failing to timely disclose an industry wide slow down and inventory build up at large OEM customer.


This investigation is based on publically disclosed FINRA action relating to Malcolm Babin. 

This investigation was triggered by FINRA news that it is investigating Ahmad “Kevin” Wares for stockbroker misconduct.