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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburg, a subsidiary of AIG, were responsible for selling and underwriting group insurance to consumers who allegedly were not members of a group eligible under state law to receive such insurance, falsely and deceptively advertised such insurance, and collected excessive premiums or fees. 

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The plaintiffs in this lawsuit  allege that Hartford failed to pay or pay adequately for this type of loss under its Washington insurance policy’s UIM PD coverage, and that such an alleged failure to pay is a breach of Hartford’s automobile insurance contract and was an unfair business practice. 

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This case alleges that First American violated the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act by purchasing ownerhip interests in title insurance agencies and obtaining agreements from such agencies to refer title insurance business exclusively to First American Title Insurance Company.  This case has two separate classes.  This page is for members of the Tower City Class.

This lawsuit alleges that Foremost Insurance Company Grand Rapids, Michigan breached its contractual duty to policyholders by depreciating both materials and labor costs in determining the “actual cash value” to paid for repairs, in violation of Arkansas law. 

A class action has been filed against mortgage servicer LoanCare, questioning its practices with force-place insurance covering property used as collateral for mortgages.

This class action lawsuit alleges that Safeco Insurance Company categorically and unlawfully excluded General Contractor's Overhead and Profit amounts from Actual Cash Value payments made to policyholders for casualty loss claims before such expenses were billed by a contractor, despite the existence of Arizona case law prohibiting insurers from treating such costs as payable only when actually incurred.

This class action alleges that between 1999 and 2003, Farmers Group insurance companies did the following: