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Total Loss Vehicle After Accident

This is yet another class action against an insurance company for improperly determining the actual cash value (ACV) of vehicles that have been declared a total loss. The complaint for this class action names as defendants not only State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, but also Audatex North American, Inc., Explore Information Services, and Solera Holdings, Inc., which are also involved in the value determinations.

Total Loss Vehicle After Accident

Recently, a number of class actions are disputing the actual cash value (ACV) paid by auto insurance companies for total losses. In this case, the complaint alleges that Integon Preferred Insurance Company pays too little because it does not pay “mandatory regulatory taxes, costs and fees (Full Total Loss Payments or “FTLP”) required to replace the vehicle.”

Figure with Flag from Columbia Insurance Group Logo

The complaint for this class action claims that Columbia Mutual Insurance Company, which does business as Columbia Insurance Group (CIG), uses a report that “systematically undervalues” the vehicles of its insureds when settling total loss claims. The result is “a payment of less than the actual cash value” (ACV), saving CIG money at its customers’ expense.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Building

The complaint for this class action concerns auto insurance policies with comprehensive and collision coverage, and the payment of the actual cash value (ACV) of a vehicle under Florida law. The complaint alleges that Liberty Mutual Insurance Company “systematically underpaid” insureds who were entitled to the ACV for their vehicles.

Advertising Character "Flo" Holding Progressive Sign

When a vehicle is in an accident and declared a total loss, how does the insurance company arrive at a figure for replacement? The complaint for this class action alleges that Progressive Select Insurance Company does not arrive at fair settlement amounts, primarily because it does not use proper sources for vehicle valuation.

Total Loss Vehicle (Crashed into Lighting Pole)

When an automobile is totaled in an accident, the company that insured the vehicle must pay the owner its actual cash value (ACV). The issue in this class action is that insurer First Acceptance Insurance Company, Inc. does not include all costs of replacing the vehicle, such as title transfer fees.

Hand Filling Out Insurance Claim Form

Consumers County Mutual Insurance is settling a class action alleging that it unfairly refused to pay certain PIP (personal injury protection) claims. The complaint claimed that the company violated Texas state law by improperly denying payment of all or some of PIP claims on the basis that a third-party insurance company paid all or some of the medical bills.

Totaled Vehicle

The way insurance companies arrive at a valuation of a vehicle in the event of a total loss is a mystery to many consumers. The complaint for this class action claims that First National Insurance Company of America and LM General Insurance Company (LMGIC) subtract an unexplained “conditional adjustment” so that they can pay out less.

UnitedHealth Group Sign with Building in Background

If you are injured in an accident, and the insurer of the driver who was at fault grants you a settlement, can your health insurance simply take some of that settlement, whether or not you’ve been properly reimbursed for your losses? The complaint for this class action claims that UnitedHealth Group, United Healthcare Services, Inc., and other related companies did just that in order to recover some of its costs for treatment of an injured woman.

Sign at Emergency Room

Under California law, insurers must pay reasonable fees to medical providers for emergency services performed on one of their insureds, even if the medical providers are not part of their own networks. California laws also require prompt payment to medical providers. The complaint for this class action claims that Anthem Blue Cross complies with neither of these laws.