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Inaccurate Financial Statements

This securities fraud class action lawsuit alleges that KLX, Inc. violated the federal securities law by materially misrepresenting the value of its intangible assets and its goodwill associated with the Company's Energy Services Group, along with its policies and the methodology implemented to calculate goodwill, risk and asset impairment, conduct which ultimately caused significant losses to investors.

Starz Securities Fraud Class Action

This securities class action lawsuit alleges that Starz failed to disclose several material facts with regard to the business and prospects of the company during the relevant period concerning allegedly illicit practices committed by its officers. As a result, the stock traded at artificially inflated prices, eventually causing the plaintiff to suffer losses once the true facts about the company became apparent.

This securities fraud class action lawsuit is brought against Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. for making false material statements: (a) deceived the investing public regarding Valeant’s prospects and business; (b) omitted disclosure of key aspects of the Valeant’s business, specifically its relationship with a network of specialty pharmacies utilized to boost sales of Valeant’s high-priced drugs; (c) Valeant’s undisclosed use of specialty pharmacies left it subject to increased regulatory risks that investors were unable to account for; (d) without use of specialty pharmacies, Valeant’s financial performance and financial guidance would have been negatively impacted.

This class action lawsuit is brought against USA Technologies alleging failure to disclose (1) significant deficiencies in both the design and operating effectiveness of the company’s internal control over financial reporting; and (2) as a result of these deficiencies, USA Technologies’ procedures failed to identify a large number of uncollectible small balance accounts.

This securities class action alleges that FSC, an asset portfolio company, and FSAM, its asset manager and investment advisor, fraudulently and artificially inflated FSC's assets and investment income in order to increase FSAM's revenue and, later, sell FSC's shares in a subsequent initial public offering at a higher price to investors.

Shiloh shareholder sues for securities fraud

This is a class action alleges that Shiloh failed to properly account for certain costs and therefore improperly inflated net income.