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Improper Characterization of Flavors

Container of Friendly's Vanilla Ice Cream

Is your favorite vanilla ice cream really flavored with vanilla? This is one of a number of class actions alleging that ice cream companies are fudging on vanilla—not flavoring with real vanilla, but manipulating wording on packaging to suggest that they are. At issue in this case are vanilla ice creams used in a variety of products from Friendly’s Manufacturing and Retail, LLC. 

Can of V8 Pomegranate Blueberry Energy Drink

Would you choose an energy drink characterized by the flavor or “concentrated juices of sweet potatoes”? The complaint for this class action makes allegations about V8 energy drinks, including the identity of their flavorings and the “steady” energy supposedly provided by green tea extracts. The complaint alleges negligent misrepresentations, fraud, and violations of state consumer protection laws, among other things.