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Hotel Rooms & Reservations

A Wyndham Hotel

Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC is choosing to settle a class action brought against it by customers who booked rooms at its hotels through its websites. The complaint alleged that the company did not properly disclose resort fees when customers were booking their stays.

Expedia Logo has no direct agreements with hotels, the complaint for this class action alleges. Instead, it gets its room listings from Expedia, Inc. and that company’s subsidiaries,, LP, Travelscape, LLC, and, LP. And, the complaint says, those companies overcharge’s customers for taxes and fees due on those rooms.

Expedia Logo over Beach Scene

Plaintiff Joseph Church booked a hotel room for himself and his family, and the complaint for this class action alleges that he was asked to pay the website’s service fee, the room charge, and associated taxes and fees. The charge for the taxes and fees was $108.68, but according to the complaint, the actual amount required for the taxes and fees was $69.97, leaving an overpayment of $38.71, which was not refunded to him. The website says that the taxes and fees are “estimated” amounts, but the complaint claims that rather than refund the overcharges, the defendants simply keep them as profit.

Floating on Water

Plaintiff Michael Marko called and booked three hotel rooms in Paducah, Kentucky for December 8-10, 2016. According to the complaint, he gave a payment method and they made the reservation, but he never received a confirmation or receipt. He had no idea, he claims, that he had been charged a $14.99 fee for each of the three rooms he’d booked. Later, when he tried to cancel one of the rooms, he was not permitted to, even though he claims to have fulfilled all the requirements.

This lawsuit alleges that Six Continents Hotels violated state consumer protection laws by how it enforced its cancelation policy for hotel room reservations.

Priceline Logo

This class action lawsuit alleges that hotel booking website Priceline and hotel operator Hilton deceptively and illegally operated the "Name Your Own Price" reservation option by placing consumers into hotel rooms the true price of which was never revealed or agreed to prior to their booking decision.

This lawsuit alleges that Six Continents Hotels in California has allegedly monitored and recorded incoming calls without notifying callers, against California state law. Callers who spoke to a Six Continents Hotels representative on a toll-free number between March 1, 2011 and July 18, 2012 could be entitled to a cash payment from the class action settlement.