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False or unlawful fuel surcharges

Advanced Disposal Truck Dumping Home Garbage Can

Advanced Disposal Services, Inc. and its related companies will spend just short of $3 million to resolve three class actions alleging that it charged customers improper fees. The complaints claimed that the companies did not have the right to charges the fees, which included such things as fuel surcharges, environmental fees, administrative charges.

All Nippon Airways Plane at Jetway

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Air Lines (JAL) are the final parties to settle in an antitrust class action about price-fixing and fuel surcharges on flights across the Pacific originating in the US. The complaint claimed that ANA and JAL agreed to fix prices on tickets and add fuel surcharges for travel between the US and Japan.

Ranks of Airgas Gas Canisters

When fuel prices were high, some companies were led to impose fuel surcharges on customers for transportation or deliveries. Although fuel prices have come down since their peaks, some of the surcharges are unchanged. The complaint for this class action alleges that Airgas USA, LLC has continued charging customers a fuel surcharge but should no longer be doing so.

Executive Club Card

British Airways is settling with members of its Executive Club who brought a class action alleging that when frequent fliers took reward flights, the airline charged them fuel surcharges that were not reasonably related to the price of fuel.

Sysco Truck in Front of Cityscape

Sysco is spending more than $6 million to settle three combined lawsuits, from Georgia, Florida, and California, alleging that it and some of its affiliates unfairly charged customers fuel surcharges. The lawsuits alleged that the surcharges were not truly based on the price of fuel and that they violated the terms of the contracts that customers had with Sysco.

Waste Industries Trucks

Waste Industries is making available a net settlement fund of nearly $5 million to resolve two combined class actions alleging that it charged fuel surcharges, energy recovery fees, and environmental fees, which were excessive and unlawful, which breached customer contracts, and which violated state laws in North Carolina and Georgia. 

AmeriGas Truck

AmeriGas has decided to settle a class action alleging that it violated Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act in the way it charged fuel recovery fee. The complaint claimed that the fee is deceptive because it does not bear a relationship to AmeriGas’s real fuel costs. 

image of a Sysco semi-truck

This This class action alleges that Sysco Corporation’s fuel surcharges do not bear a relationship to fluctuations in fuel charges and that they are simply considered revenue.

This is a settlement of a class action against WCA Waste Corporation (and its subsidiaries), which provides solid waste disposal services under agreements with its customers.