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Failure to Allow for/Figure in Break Time

Amazon Package Facility and Amazon Logo

Companies have tried any number of methods of insisting that workers are not in fact their employees. Why? Because regular employees have protections under laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), while independent contractors do not. The complaint for this class action claims that, LLC and Amazon Logistics, Inc. avoid their responsibilities to delivery drivers by claiming they work for On the Go Express, LLC and not Amazon.

Labor violations such as improper overtime pay are not confined to small restaurants, manual labor agencies, and low-paid workers. AECOM is described in the complaint for this class action as a “multi-billion dollar engineering firm that provides design, consulting, construction, and management services” to clients across the country. However, the complaint says that AECOM did not properly pay its workers for overtime hours. 

Ulta Beauty Cosmetics and Logo

This is the second employment-related class action brought against Ulta Beauty, Inc. in a short period of time. The complaint claims that the company, formerly known as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc., were not paid proper wages for all hours worked, including overtime wages, and that they were neither allowed to take full rest breaks nor compensated for not taking them. 

Women's Cosmetics

It seems that even beauty stores can have unbeautiful labor and employment practices. The complaint for this class action alleges that Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. violated labor laws in a host of ways, including by not paying proper minimum wages or overtime, not giving employees proper meal or rest periods or payment for missing them, and not providing proper wage statements. Most of the allegations involve violations of the California Labor Code.

Mattress Firm Sign Against Blue Sky

Washington’s state labor laws are included in the Washington Annotated Code (WAC) and the Revised Washington Code (RWC). The complaint for this class action claims that Mattress Firm, Inc. violated these labor laws in its combining of hourly and piecework or commission wages, among other problems. 

JPMorgan Chase Building

This settlement resolves a class action against JPMorgan Chase alleging that assistant branch managers were improperly classified as exempt employees. They therefore did not receive proper overtime pay or meal and rest breaks, as provided for in the California Labor Code, and were not paid all wages at the time of their termination.

Global TelLink Logo

Global Tel*Link and Cooper Communications Group are settling a class action alleging that the two companies violated employment laws in five ways:

Graphic Packaging Logo

Graphic Packaging International, Inc. (GPI) is setting aside $4 million to settle a class action alleging that it failed to follow California laws in its treatment of non-exempt, hourly employees.

Female Feet in Very High Heels

This settlement resolves two class actions alleging that dancers performing at certain adult clubs should have been treated as employees rather than owners and so did not receive proper pay and benefits.