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Exposure to cyber crime

Shadowy Figure with Hoodie at Computer

Data breaches are becoming all too common these days, and consumers are expecting a certain standard of behavior to follow. The complaint for this class action alleges that Carl’s Golfland, Inc. experienced a data breach, and that it neither stopped the unauthorized access immediately nor informed customers promptly.

Capital One Branch on City Street

“A financial institution that purposefully collects and retains highly sensitive personal information must protect” that information. So says one of the introductory lines in the complaint for this class action. The topic is the Capital One data breach, which the complaint lays at the feet of Capital one Financial Corporation and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS).

Capital One Branch on City Street

When a massive data breach occurs, which parties bear responsibility? This class action looks at the recent Capital One data breach and names as defendants Capital One NA, Capital One Bank (USA), Capital One Financial Corporation,, Inc., Amazon Web Services, Inc., and GitHub, Inc.

Row of Test Tubes and LabCorp Logo

This is yet another class action brought against Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, or LabCorp because of the data breach at its debt collector Retrieval Masters. The complaint alleges that LabCorp handed over personal information on its customers without making sure that Retrieval Masters had appropriate security to safeguard it. 

Image of Suspicious Person in Hoodie at Keyboard with Overlay of Numbers

Laboratory Corporation of America (LCA), Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, and Optum360 Services, Inc. have recently been hit with class actions related to a data breach of their debt collector’s systems. This is another such case, with a new legal name for the debt collector: Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. (RMCB), usually referred to as American Medical Collection Agency. 

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The personal information of 7.7 million patients was exposed in a cyberattack on the American Medical Collection Agency, Inc. (AMCA) that occurred over an extended period of time—between August 2018 and March 2019. So says the complaint for this class action, which alleges that AMCA bears responsibility for not preventing the attack. It also named as a defendant Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, which does business as LabCorp, and which had passed along the information to AMCA to begin with.

Hands on Keyboard Symbolizing Data Breach

ComplyRight, Inc. suffered a data breach during 2018, which exposed tax-related and personal information entered on their website by employers or taxpayers. The complaint for this class action alleges that ComplyRight should have known the risks involved in collecting and storing personal information and should have identified the vulnerabilities in its system that permitted 

Equifax Sign Outside Building

Equifax announced in September 2017 that it had experienced a data breach affecting 147,000,000 people. This gave rise to a number of class actions which were combined and are being resolved by this settlement of over $380 million. The complaints alleged that Equifax should have better safeguarded the personal information on consumers that it collected and stored.

Sign for Capital One Bank

This is one of two class action lawsuits filed in the space of just a few days to protest the extensive data breach at Capital One Bank (USA), NA. (The other class action cites two other Capital One companies as defendants as well.) The complaint alleges that Capital One did not take reasonable and adequate measures to secure the data of its customers, particularly applicants for its credit cards.

First American Eagle Logo

This class action is one of several addressing the leak of customer information held by First American Financial Corporation and First American Title Insurance. This was not a case of the company suffering a hacking; in fact, it was a flaw in the way the information was stored and accessed.