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Employment Violations

Lowe's Flooring Department

During seventeen years of installing floors for Lowe’s Home Centers, Darin Viars has had neither the freedom of an independent contractor nor the benefits of an employee. The complaint for this class action alleges that Viars has been an employee all along because of the limiting rules and arrangements he has had to follow. A number of factors seem to support the complaint’s claim that he is an employee, and the complaint claims that he has actually been misclassified as an employee, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Southwest Airlines Jet in Flight

The complaint for this class action claims that Southwest Airlines has violated Illinois laws by taking and storing the fingerprints of its employees. Fingerprints are a biometric identifier, and the complaint claims that Southwest has not complied with Illinois’s Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA), which regulates the collection, use, and retention of biometric information.

Flowers Baking Company Bread Production

This settlement resolves a class action brought against Flowers Baking Co. of Lexena, Flowers Baking Co. of Denton, LLC, Holsum Bakery of Tolleson, LLC and Holsum Bakery, Inc., or Alpine Valley Bread Company.

Female Feet in Very High Heels

This settlement resolves two class actions alleging that dancers performing at certain adult clubs should have been treated as employees rather than owners and so did not receive proper pay and benefits.

Universal Protection Service Shoulder Patch

This settlement resolves a class action brought before the American Arbitration Association against Universal Protection Service for alleging the following:

Image of Cranking Out Dollars

Lunar Mining, LLC is settling with its parking production assistants (PPAs) in a class action that alleged that the PPAs were not paid for all hours worked, including overtime, in violation of the federal Fair Labor Stanards Act and New York Labor Law.

Clock on Top of Money

This settlement resolves a class action claiming that AT&T misclassified designers and deliverers as “exempt” employees and so did not pay them overtime. The suit requested back pay, penalties, interest, and other payments. 

Truck with Knight Logo

Plaintiff Ronnie Stevenson works for Knight Transportation, Inc. as a truck driver. Knight insists he’s not an “employee” but an “independent contractor,” yet the complaint for this class action alleges that the only difference between Knight’s “employee” truck drivers and its “independent contractor” truck drivers is that the employees receive benefits and the others do not. While there are no hard-and-fast definitions of employees versus independent contractors, the criteria used to judge classification have to do mostly with independence, choice, and control, and the complaint presents evidence that Knight does not allow drivers independence, choice, or control in any significant aspects of their work.

Petco Logo

Petco is paying nearly $8 million to settle a number of related class actions alleging that it did not pay overtime to assistant managers (AMs) who worked more than forty hours per week. The suit involves assistant manager who worked at Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., Petco Holdings, Inc., Petco Holdings, Inc.

Array of Texas Roadhouse Food

Texas Roadhouse has agreed to a settlement of $12 million in a class action suit of alleged age discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges that Texas Roadhouse violated the Age Discrimination Employment Act by refusing to hire applicants who were 40 years old or older for front-of-house positions at its restaurants.