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Employment Violations

Marketing person sues for unpaid overtime

In this employment class action lawsuit, a former non-exempt marketing employee of MTS Taxes & More, LLC, doing business in Florida as Tax USA is alleging that during the period of June 2011 through April 2012, he clocked roughly 48 hours per week without receiving any compensation whatsoever. He argues that defendants breached a verbal agreement to pay him between seven and nine percent of the company's revenue, ultimately paying him nothing.

Pastry chef at Quality Meats Allege unpaid overtime

This class action lawsuit alleges that Quality Meat Miami Beach failed to pay pastry chefs overtime pay for all hours worked each week over 40.


In this lawsuit two former food servers at Sardinia Restaurant in Miami Beach allege that the restaurant violated federal employment laws by deducting inventory and uniform fees from their pay checks, which violated the tip employee exception to the federal minimum wage laws.


In this lawsuit a former banquet server for private events at Pulse Restaurant in New York City is alleging that during her time as as an employee she was routinely underpaid for total hours worked, denied gratuity amounts to which she was entitled and was not provided with accurate wage statements as required by law.


This lawsuit alleges that Investigations & Security Bureau violated federal and state law by failing to pay security guards time and a half for overtime work.

This lawsuit alleges that Santa Rosa Insulation did not pay warehousemen time and a half for all hours worked each week over 40.

Housekeeper sues National for unpaid overtime

This lawsuit alleges that the hotel did not pay housekeepers overtime and fired her when she complained to management, both in violation of federal law.

This class action lawsuit alleges that Manhattan Beer Distributors failed to correctly calculate and pay overtime wages to delivery drivers, routinely made unlawful deductions from drivers' wages and failed to keep proper records concerning wages earned and hours worked by delivery employees.

Nail Technician sues for unpaid overtime

This lawsuit alleges that nail technicians in a NYC salon were not paid time and a half for all hours worked each week over 40.

This lawsuit alleges that a franchise of Gold's Gym discriminated against male employees by only hiring female sales directors.