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Employment Violations

Best Buy sued for unpaid overtime re groupme

This lawsuit alleges that Best Buy required that its retail employees attend regular “GroupMe” meetings off the clock but did not pay for their attendance during non shift hours.

ESL Teachers sue for Unpaid overtime

This lawsuit alleges that  Zoni Language Centers required english as a second language teachers work off the clock preparing for classes and grading tests and homework assignments in violation of federal and state employment laws.  The complaint also alleges that the company failed to provide the most basic notice requirements and time keeping requirements under state law.

Off the clock work alleged for devt collectors

This case alleges that two debt collection agencies violated federal and state law by not paying time and a half for overtime worked and by requiring that employees clock out and continue to work.  


This lawsuit alleges that Emery Federal Credit Union and Employees Federal Credit Union violated federal and state employment laws by failing to pay loan officers time and a half for all overtime work.  Additionally, because loan officers worked on commissions, the complaint alleges that the two credit unions may also have violated federal and state minimum wage laws.