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Looking Up at JPMorgan Chase Sign and Skyscraper

This class action is another alleging the misclassification of employees as exempt from overtime pay combined with allegedly excessive expectations of quotas to be met during working hours. The complaint alleges that JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA violates the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Cockpit of Boeing 737

The horror of the Boeing 727 Max crashes are usually considered from the point of view of the dead passengers. This class action is brought on behalf of the pilots who had to fly them, day after day, and who are suffering loss of livelihood now that they are grounded. The complaint alleges that the Boeing Company engaged in a coverup and brings suit on behalf of “Pilot J” and roughly twenty other pilots who flew the plane for international “Airline J.”

Western Express Truck in Dry Western Landscape

This class action alleges that Western Express, Inc. has violated various provisions of the California Labor Code and IWC Wage Orders. According to the complaint, the company did not keep accurate records, did not give employees accurate itemized wage statements, and did not allow them to take paid rest breaks.​

Synergy One Lending Logo

Companies may request consumer reports on employees or prospective employees, but only according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which has requirements for authorization and use of such reports. The complaint for this class action alleges that Synergy One Lending, Inc. violated the FCRA and California state laws in the document it used to get authorization for background checks. 

Equinox Fitness Club in Irvine, California

This California labor class action makes many familiar allegations against Equinox Holdings, Inc.: failure to pay minimum and overtime wages and failure to allow rest and meal periods, among other things. As often happens, these violations lead to others, such as failure to provide accurate wage statements, failure to pay all wages at termination, and engaging in unfair competition.

Boeing 737 MAX Cockpit

The plaintiff in this class action is identified only as “Pilot H”; the complaint claims to be related to another case brought by a “Pilot X.” The issue? Boeing and its 737 MAX aircraft, which the complaint says Boeing knew was not safe. The complaint alleges that pilots qualified on the 737 MAX were poorly trained and suffered emotional distress before the aircraft’s grounding and economic damages after it.

Sunrise Senior Living Facility in California

Class actions have been filed against various senior living facilities, including Sunrise Senior Management, Inc., alleging that facilities are understaffed and not patients do not receive proper care. This class action is from the other side of the coin, an employee of Sunrise Senior Living alleging that the company violated California Labor Laws and Industrial Wage Commission (IWC) Wage Orders by not giving workers accurate itemized wage statements of the overtime work they performed.

Ulta Beauty Store Front

This is not the first recent class action accusing Ulta Beauty, Inc. of violating wage and labor laws. The complaint alleges that the company did not compensate employees for all hours worked and did not permit them to take proper breaks, among other things. It brings claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), California’s Labor Code, and Industrial Wage Commission (IWC) wage orders.

Two Amazon Boxes on Doorstep

The complaint for this class action sets forth a familiar issue: the alleged misclassification of workers for a company. In this case, the workers are delivery drivers and the companies are, Inc an Amazon Logistics, Inc., who use the drivers to fulfill customer orders.

Dining Room Set Display in Store

The complaint for this class action takes up some perennial labor issues, under Massachusetts state law. It alleges that Raymours Furniture Company, together with its president and treasurer, Neil and Steven Goldberg, violated the law by not giving employees overtime pay and Sunday and holiday pay, and that it maintained an unlawful arbitration program.