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Juul E-Cigarette and Pods

When a number of plaintiffs sue the same defendant on the same issues, with common questions of fact, cases can be combined in what’s called multi-district litigation (MDL). That’s what’s happening in the combining of multiple cases against Juul Labs, Inc. into the multi-district case In re: Juul Labs, Inc., Marketing, Sales Practices, and Products Liability Litigation.

Juul Device and Pods

The complaint for this class action alleges that a Juul “packs a more powerful nicotine punch than traditional cigarettes because JUUL contains roughly twice the nicotine concentration as cigarettes and other vape pens.” It alleges that Juul Labs, Inc., the maker of the e-cigarettes, knew that it posed risks for users, but “continued to disseminate false, misleading and deceitful information” about its products and vaping. Juul, it says, “created an online culture and community targeted to young people, including minors, and designed to encourage JUUL use.”

Young Woman in Jean Jacket with Black Nail Polish Holding E-Cigarette

This class action against Juul Labs, Inc. asserts that Juul’s “unfair and deceptive trade practices misled” minors “into use of its highly addictive e-cigarette products.” The e-cigarettes, the complaint claims, were “unreasonably dangerous” yet were marketed and sold to minors.

Juul Starter Kit, with E-Cig Device and Four Pods

The hazards of smoking are well-known. But what about the hazards of vaping? In this Florida class action, a mother brings suit against Juul Labs, Inc., claiming that her two sons have become addicted to Juul products and that Juul does not properly disclose the amounts of nicotine in and other hazards. 

“Vaping” has been marketed as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, but many users around the country have recently experienced dangerous explosions due to poor battery design.