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Defective Product

image of WEN products

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Guthy-Renker, LLC and WEN by Chaz Dean, Inc. designed, manufactured and sold WEN® Hair Care Products which allegedly cause certain users to suffer personal injury including hair loss, hair damage and and/or scalp irritation. Plaintiffs also asserted that statements made in connection with the marking of WEN® were untrue and misleading.

image of cascade r lacrosse helmet

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Performance Lacrosse Group Inc.

image of exploding washing machine

This class action alleges that certain models of Samsung top-loading washing machines have a design defect that literally can cause the machine to explode or at the least cause the bin to dislodge.

image of a fire sprinkler

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Poz-Lok pipes have defective weld seams which lack sufficient zinc galvanizing. The class representative alleges that Poz-Lok pipe is prone to premature corrosion initiating at or near the weld seam, eventually resulting in failure, e.g., leaking, of the pipe.

image of a gun firing

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that trigger mechanisms with a component part known as a trigger connector are defectively designed and can result in accidental discharges without the trigger being pulled.

image of garmin logo

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Garmin breached its contract, breached its warranties, and committed other violations of law by selling the Forerunner 610 watches with allegedly defective wristbands.

image of lincoln windows logo

The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that Lincoln's Exterior Glazed Windows manufactured between April 1999 and January 2007 have defects that have or may cause water intrusion and resulting damage to the windows and property.  Class members may have had to pay for replacements and damage repairs when they should not have had to.

In this class action lawsuit it is alleged that owners of the iPhone 4S were harmed when their devices updated to defendant to a new version of defendant Apple's operating system (iOS 9), as the software caused significant slowing of the iPhones and interference with normal daily use. The plaintiff alleges that Apple made explicit representations that the update was compatible with the iPhone 4S and failed to warn owners that accepting the update could substantially hinder the performance of their devices.

This class action alleges that Hydro Mousse “spray and stay” grass seeding product is defective and does not work as advertised. 

This lawsuit alleges that Yamaha Motor fraudulently continued to sell a line of four stroke outboard motors after it became aware that the engine design had a safety defect that caused component parts to prematurely corrode, in violation of California Consumer and Unfair Competition laws.