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Defective Product

Deck Surfaced with New Coat of DeckOver

Behr Process Corporation is settling a class action about its line of DeckOver deck coatings alleging that they don’t perform as advertised. The allegations include that DeckOver deteriorates quickly, fails to protect surfaces, fails to adhere to surfaces, and causes property damage to the surfaces to which it’s applied.

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers

Can a particular type of diaper under a popular brand cause painful diaper rashes on babies? The complaint for this class action claims that Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s Huggies Snug & Dry type diapers does exactly that. 

Bottle of XCEL Premium Motor Oil

Exactly who is expected to buy oil that is “harmful and ineffective as a motor oil for automotive engines manufactured after 1930”? The complaint claims that Amaie AOC Ltd. sells what it calls XCEL Premium Motor Oil which is obsolete, inappropriate for cars on the road today, and even damaging to contemporary vehicles. The complaint suggests that the only reason people buy it is that it is slightly cheaper and that they don’t know what it really is. 

Wilson DeMarini 2014 White Steel Bat

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. will be giving out vouchers to settle a class action filed against it. The complaint claims that Wilson’s DeMarini White Steel 2013 and 2014 model year softball bats are defective and fail prematurely.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

When certain of Apple’s iPhones began shutting down at odd times, Apple released a supposed fix for the problem. The complaint for this class action claims that the fix hid the real defects, in both the phones and certain models of iPads, and made the devices’ performance worse. According to the complaint, the batteries in the devices are inadequate to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of Apple’s operating system. 

Flooring Installed in Room

This settlement resolves two class action lawsuits about Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators. One (MDL 2627) alleges that certain Chinese-made laminate flooring was improperly labeled to state that the flooring complied with the California Air Resources Board regulations for formaldehyde levels.

Interline Brands Building

Interline Brands, Inc. has agreed to set aside $16.5 million for a settlement regarding DuroPro toilet connectors with certain kinds of coupling nuts made from acetal plastic. The complaint contends that the coupling nuts were defective and failed, resulting in damage to property, and that Interline knew about the defects and did not provide proper installation instructions.

Taser Pulse Safety Switch

Plaintiff Douglas Richey was carrying his Taser in a neoprene case in his jacket pocket, the complaint for this class action says, with the safety switch in the “safe” position. But as he got out of his car, it says, he heard a muffled pop and smelled gunpowder. He looked down to see the Taser’s electric barbs sticking out of his jacket. The complaint claims that the weapon has a defect that permits it to slip into the “armed” mode too easily, and that it can also be fired with very little pressure on the trigger.

Apple Watch Series 3

Kenneth Sciacca had just removed his Series 2 Stainless Steel Apple watch from its charger when the screen suddenly detached from the body. When he took it to his local Apple store, the employees claimed it had detached because of “non-warrantable damage” and that he would have to pay $249 for a repair. According to the complaint for this class action, however, Apple watches have had a history of detaching or shattering screens and the cause may be not abuse but an inherent defect in the watches. 

Arco Baby Monitor

It seems as if Netgear, Inc. wanted to create a sort of super baby monitor with its Arlo Baby. But according to the complaint for this class action, the monitor did not fulfill its most basic purpose of working steadily, with good-quality audio and video, so that parents would not have to keep going to the baby’s room to see if everything was all right. According to the complaint, the monitor frequently disconnected. To make matters worse, after a number of delays, Netgear cancelled the Arlo Baby companion tablet. The complaint alleges breaches of warranties, among other legal violations.