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Defective Product

Roof with Monier Tiles

This settlement has been a long time coming. The complaint, filed in 2012, alleged that Monier, Inc. falsely advertised that certain kinds of its roofing tiles were maintenance-free, had permanent color, or would last for fifty years. Unfortunately, the plaintiffs claimed that the slurry coating had come off and exposed the bare concrete below.

Nibco Logo

NIBCO, Inc. makes PEX tubing and fittings that it claims should serve for ten to twenty-five years. But the complaint for this class action alleges that they fail much sooner than that, due to defects in the products. 

Sears Craftsman Riding Lawn Tractor

Sears Holdings Corporation and Sears, Roebuck and Co. have agreed to settle a class action involving their Craftsman Riding Lawn Tractors (CRLTs). The complaint alleged that the CRLTs have defects in their fuel systems that allow parts to become loose and/or leak fuel. These parts include the fuel tank grommet, the fuel lines, and the clamps securing the fuel lines.

Brass Compression Plumbing Part

EZ-Flo International has reached a settlement in a class action alleging that certain plumbing system components made of yellow brass are defective or poor quality, resulting in damage. The yellow brass includes copper alloys with a zinc content of 15% or greater by weight. See Schedule 1, Covered Products or the Notice, for a list of parts and images of parts. 


Suunto Hel02 Dive Computer

Suunto Oy and Aqua Lung America, Inc. have agreed to a settlement in a class action that alleges that certain dive computers they made and sold are defective. The complaint claimed that the computers gave inaccurate depth and temperature readings and thereby violated consumer protection and warranty laws.

Deck Surfaced with New Coat of DeckOver

Behr Process Corporation is settling a class action about its line of DeckOver deck coatings alleging that they don’t perform as advertised. The allegations include that DeckOver deteriorates quickly, fails to protect surfaces, fails to adhere to surfaces, and causes property damage to the surfaces to which it’s applied.

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers

Can a particular type of diaper under a popular brand cause painful diaper rashes on babies? The complaint for this class action claims that Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s Huggies Snug & Dry type diapers does exactly that. 

Bottle of XCEL Premium Motor Oil

Exactly who is expected to buy oil that is “harmful and ineffective as a motor oil for automotive engines manufactured after 1930”? The complaint claims that Amaie AOC Ltd. sells what it calls XCEL Premium Motor Oil which is obsolete, inappropriate for cars on the road today, and even damaging to contemporary vehicles. The complaint suggests that the only reason people buy it is that it is slightly cheaper and that they don’t know what it really is. 

Wilson DeMarini 2014 White Steel Bat

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. will be giving out vouchers to settle a class action filed against it. The complaint claims that Wilson’s DeMarini White Steel 2013 and 2014 model year softball bats are defective and fail prematurely.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

When certain of Apple’s iPhones began shutting down at odd times, Apple released a supposed fix for the problem. The complaint for this class action claims that the fix hid the real defects, in both the phones and certain models of iPads, and made the devices’ performance worse. According to the complaint, the batteries in the devices are inadequate to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of Apple’s operating system.