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Defective Product

Nabi 2 Tablet

This settlement comes out of the bankruptcy proceeding of a company called Arctic Sentinel, Inc., formerly known as Fuhu, Inc., begun in 2015. The company made the Nabi brand children’s tablet. The original complaint for this class action, filed before the bankruptcy proceedings began, alleged that certain models of the tablets did not charge properly and were defective.

MyFord Touch System

Ford Motor Company is settling a class action alleging that its MyFord and MyLincoln Touch software is defective and malfunctions.

Cracked Vortens 3464 Toilet Tank

The defendant in this case—Porcelana Corona de Mexico, SA de CV, formerly known as Sanitarios Lamosa SA de CV, also known as Vortens—is settling a class action alleging it has made some defective toilet tanks. The complaint claimed that models 3464 and 3412 tended to crack, leak water, and sometimes cause property damage.

3M Lava Ultimate Crown Material

3M is paying $32.5 million to settle a class action brought against it by a group of dentists and dental practices. The complaint alleged that 3M’s ESPE Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative blocks, when made into dental crowns, had a much higher rate of debonding than other crowns, due to the materials of the Lava Ultimate crowns.

Dura-Loc Panels Installed on Roof

Metals USA, Inc. (MUSA) doesn’t make roof panels, but it is taking responsibility for the deterioration of roof panels made by Dura-Loc, a company whose assets it bought. The complaint, which designated MUSA as Dura-Loc’s successor-in-interest, charged that the panels are defective, with the surface coating deteriorating well before the twenty-five-year period they were warranted for. 

Owlet Smart Sock on Baby Plus Smartphone Monitoring Screen

The baby monitor that is at issue in this class action is not the traditional audio or video monitoring system that allows parents to see and hear their baby as it sleeps. It’s a sock that’s purportedly able to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels, made by Owlet Baby Care, Inc. But the complaint alleges that the sock gives false alarms and may sometimes burn babies’ feet.

Harley Davidson 2016 Touring Motorcycle

The complaint for this class action claims that the antilock braking system (ABS) on certain Harley-Davidson motorcycles was defective. This matters, the complaint says, not only because defective brakes are inherently dangerous but because Harley-Davidson prescribes opposite braking techniques, depending on whether the braking system is an ABS or not.

Cree LED Lightbulb

Cree, Inc. advertises its LED bulbs as being significantly long-lasting—up to 35,000 hours—and backs them with a ten-year warranty. Yet the complaint for this class action alleges that they actually have a much shorter life and do not live up to Cree’s claims. The complaint claims violations of New York’s General Business Law as well as fraudulent misrepresentation and concealment, among other things.

Home with Allura Siding

When you install fiber cement siding on your home, you expect it to last a good many years. The complaint for this class action brings suit against several related companies—Allura, Plycem, and Elementia—alleging that their fiber cement siding is defective. The complaint claims it is prone to cracking, chipping, flaking, breaking, and splitting, in as little as two years after installation.

In this class action, the weapons popularly known as tasers are called Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs). The complaint alleges that the Pulse, X2, and X26P model CEWs had a defective safety mechanism, which could allow the weapons to discharge unintentionally. The complaint claims that Axon Enterprises, Inc., formerly known as Taser International, Inc., knew about the defect.