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Defective Product

A Breast Implant

How does a company recall breast implants? The complaint for this class action alleges that Allergan, Inc., Allergan USA, Inc., and Allergan plc have recalled certain of their Biocell implants but that they are not offering surgical fees for replacement of implants already installed in women’s bodies. 


Bottle of XCEL Premium Motor Oil

Amalie Oil Company is settling a class action alleging that its XCEL Premium motor oil is worthless and perhaps harmful to vehicles. The complaint argues that it is considered “obsolete” by the American Petroleum Institute because it is a non-detergent oil with an API-SA rating that claims it is unsuitable, harmful, and ineffective for engines made after 1930. 

Apple iPhone 5

A $20 million settlement has been reached with Apple, Inc. in a class action that alleged that Apple sold certain models of its iPhone with defective power (sleep/wake) buttons. The complaint claimed that Apple sold the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 to consumers even though it knew the power buttons were defective in violation of California state laws. 

Rossi Revolver, Model R35102

Forjas Taurus, SA and BrazTech International LC are settling a class action alleging that they Rossi revolvers are defective. The complaint claimed that the revolvers sometimes fire when dropped. The companies had issued a warning about this in September 2018, but they have now accepted a settlement requiring them to inspect the guns and repair them, among other things.

Apple iPad

Consumers expect quality devices from Apple, Inc. The complaint for this class action bring suit against the company for a quality defect in its iPad and iPad Pro devices—a bright spot on the screen.

Great Northern Popcorn Machine

It takes an hour or more to assemble the $300, full-size popcorn machine marketed by Great Northern Popcorn, says the complaint for this class action. Once customers have done so, it alleges, they are left with a defective machine that is too large to return. The complaint claims that, LLC, which sells the machines, is responsible.

Orange Pipings with "Kitec" Printed on It

IPEX, Inc. and its related companies are settling a group of US and Canadian class actions relating to their Kitec plumbing products and systems. The cmoplaint alleged that the systems and products were defective and prone to failures that might cause leaks or damage to surroundings.

Juul "Starter Kit" with E-Cigarette and Pods

This class action is brought by two men who began vaping as minors who allege they had no idea that vaping products contained high levels of nicotine. The complaint claims that Juul Labs, Inc. did not properly disclose the contents of its pods and the hazards of smoking them.

Hand Peeling Paint off Deck

This class action brings suit against Rust-Oleum Corporation for certain of its Restore products. The complaint alleges that the company made false advertising claims or concealed and omitted material facts, in respect to its Rust-Oleum Deck Start Wood Primer, Restore 2X One Coat Solid Stain, and Restore 4X Deck Coat.

Close-Up of Plantronics Headphone Earpieces

Plantronics, Inc. is settling a class action about its BackBear FIT wireless sport headphones, which it has advertised as being sweatproof, waterproof, and able to provide as many as eight hours of listening time on a charge. The complaint alleged that these claims are not true and that the headphones are therefore not worth what customers paid for them.