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Defective Paint, Stain, Surfacing, or Other Coverage

Hand Peeling Paint off Deck

This class action brings suit against Rust-Oleum Corporation for certain of its Restore products. The complaint alleges that the company made false advertising claims or concealed and omitted material facts, in respect to its Rust-Oleum Deck Start Wood Primer, Restore 2X One Coat Solid Stain, and Restore 4X Deck Coat.

Can of Behr Marquee

Behr Process Corporation sells products it claims are “Paint & Primer in One,” but the complaint for this class action alleges that the products do not act as a primer, wasting the buyer’s time and effort or costing the buyer even more. The complaint claims violations of state laws on things like false advertising and breaches of warranties.

Deck Surfaced with New Coat of DeckOver

Behr Process Corporation is settling a class action about its line of DeckOver deck coatings alleging that they don’t perform as advertised. The allegations include that DeckOver deteriorates quickly, fails to protect surfaces, fails to adhere to surfaces, and causes property damage to the surfaces to which it’s applied.

Deck Treated with DeckOver

DeckOver, Behr’s and Home Depot’s new patio and deck coverage product, must have looked promising at first. Although it was three to five times more expensive than paint, its advertising claimed it was five times thicker and more durable and could repair decks by filling in cracks and stopping splinters. Unfortunately, the complaint for this class action claims that, within months of application, DeckOver begins to flake, peel, and separate from surfaces.

Resurfaced Deck

PPG Industries has agreed to settle a class action alleging that its Rescue It! products are defective and do not adhere properly to decking or other substrates, causing the products to peel, crack, and bubble, and causing damage to the property they’re applied to. The products included are the following:


What if a product advertised to decrease the time and money you had to spend on a task actually increased it? That’s essentially the charge leveled by the complaint for this class action at Behr’s DeckOver resurfacing and restoration product, which Behr claims is more durable (four or five times thicker), improves decks by filling in cracks and splinters, resists peeling and mildew, and provides “waterproofing” to “[b]ring new life to old wood and concrete surfaces” with “long lasting results”. In actuality, the complaint says, DeckOver does not live up to these claims and begins to fail within months or even weeks of application.