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Deceptive Business Practices

Cell Phone with Broken Screen

SquareTrade is settling a class action centering on the protection plans it sells for devices such as cell phones. The complaint alleged it did not properly disclose the terms of its protection plans, including that claims can only be brought to arbitration and not to court and that its plans only covered items bought on Amazon.

DoorDash Logo

Doordash, Inc. picks food up from restaurants and delivers it to customers. The complaint for this class action alleges that the company charges customers sales taxes even in states where there is no sales tax, thereby taking more money for itself. 

Fred Meyer Store in Alaska

This resolves a class action against Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. in Alaska alleging that the company violated the Alaska Unfair Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act. The complaint alleged the company posted signs falsely claiming that state law required it to collect a “core fee” when it sold new lead acid batteries when customers did not bring the old battery in for recycling. 

Synapse Logo

Nearly $5 million is the price Synapse Group, Inc. and SynapseConnect, Inc. are paying to settle a class action alleging that their automatic magazine subscription renewals violated California law. The complaint alleged that the companies did not give consumers clear and conspicuous notice of the automatic renewal terms.

Rite Aid Store

People may not mind making an occasional charitable donation. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Rite Aid used a misleading opt-in method to take donations for its foundation from customers, when the customers had no idea they were donating anything.

Back of PlatePass Transponder

Dollar and Thrifty car rental companies are settling a lawsuit brought by the Florida attorney general’s office about fees they charged for PlatePass or other tolls. The complaint alleged that they had not warned customers about the additional fees.

Phone with App on Screen

Among California’s consumer protection laws is one that limits the way companies can renew customer subscriptions. The complaint for this class action alleges that, Inc. did not follow that law and charged customers’ payment methods for ongoing deliveries of service without fulfilling the details of the law.

Simple Habit on Phone Screen

One of California’s many consumer protection laws deals with the way companies can renew customer subscriptions. The complaint for this class action alleges that Simple Habit, Inc. did not follow that law and made charges to customers’ payment methods for ongoing product shipments or deliveries of service, without obtaining those customers’ consent.

Xperience Fitness Gym in Wisconsin

Vertical Fitness Group, LLC runs gyms in Wisconsin called Xperience Fitness which offer monthly memberships and personal training. At issue in this class action are what the complaint alleges are “fraudulent billing practices,” falling under the provisions of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) and Wisconsin state law on Fitness Center and Weight Reduction Center Contracts.

Rabobank Logo

While an entity is in bankruptcy proceedings, assets may be held by a bank or other entity to protect and conserve them so that the bankruptcy can be properly resolved. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Rabobank USA Financial Corporation (which does business as Rabobank, NA) and Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Inc. (BMS), among others, charged excessive fees that were not appropriate for the level of services provided.