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Deceptive Business Practices

REI Store

An amendment to the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) aims to protect the value of gift cards offered by retailers. The complaint for this class action alleges that Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) violates EFTA and the state of Washington’s unfair business practices laws because of the early expiration dates on its gift cards.

Kay Jewelers Store

Tara Lodge took jewelry to a Kay Jewelers store in Ohio to be cleaned and inspected. She had no idea that the saleswoman, who asked for her name to update information, was putting together an application for a credit card in her name. The complaint for this class action claims that Kay’s parent company, Sterling Jewelers, Inc., along with partner Comenity Bank, has been pushing its salespeople to open credit card accounts for customers and that this is sometimes done without the customers’ knowledge.

Ranks of Airgas Gas Canisters

When fuel prices were high, some companies were led to impose fuel surcharges on customers for transportation or deliveries. Although fuel prices have come down since their peaks, some of the surcharges are unchanged. The complaint for this class action alleges that Airgas USA, LLC has continued charging customers a fuel surcharge but should no longer be doing so.

CR England Truck Glamour Shot

This settlement resolves a class action brought against Opportunity Leasing, Inc., doing business as Horizon Truck Sales and Leasing, and CR England for a lease driver program. The complaint alleged that the leasing and independent contractor agreements violated Utah state laws, including its Truth in Advertising Act, Business Opportunity Act, and Consumer Sales Practices act.

Appliances Commonly Covered by Home Warranty Plan

In a settlement worth over $26 million, Ocwen and CCHS are resolving a class action claiming that they enrolled customers in home warranty or service plans without their knowledge.

Tabletop with Coffee, Smartphone, Book

This settlement resolves two different class actions, against Audible, Inc.,, and Amazon Services, LLC, charging that Audible did not make a number of things clear to its customers.

Cell Phone with Broken Screen

SquareTrade is settling a class action centering on the protection plans it sells for devices such as cell phones. The complaint alleged it did not properly disclose the terms of its protection plans, including that claims can only be brought to arbitration and not to court and that its plans only covered items bought on Amazon.

DoorDash Logo

Doordash, Inc. picks food up from restaurants and delivers it to customers. The complaint for this class action alleges that the company charges customers sales taxes even in states where there is no sales tax, thereby taking more money for itself. 

Fred Meyer Store in Alaska

This resolves a class action against Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. in Alaska alleging that the company violated the Alaska Unfair Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act. The complaint alleged the company posted signs falsely claiming that state law required it to collect a “core fee” when it sold new lead acid batteries when customers did not bring the old battery in for recycling. 

Synapse Logo

Nearly $5 million is the price Synapse Group, Inc. and SynapseConnect, Inc. are paying to settle a class action alleging that their automatic magazine subscription renewals violated California law. The complaint alleged that the companies did not give consumers clear and conspicuous notice of the automatic renewal terms.