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Deceptive Business Practices

"As Seen on TV" and Telebrands Logos

Plaintiff Barabara Rosenbloom called Telebrands Corp. to buy one item. Without her permission, the complaint alleges, Telebrands then began to charge her credit card $14.99 per month for its Everyday Savings Program. 

Degree Brand Male and Female Antiperspirants

What’s the Pink Tax? It’s the extra amount charged on women’s products as compared to similar products for men. The complaint for this class action alleges that a number of companies are guilty of this gender-based price discrimination, including Conopco, Inc. (Unilever), Walgreen Co., CVS Pharmacy, Inc., Walmart, Inc. Target Corporation, Schnuck Markets, Inc., and Dierbergs Markets, Inc.

Stethoscope Lying on Counter

Ametros Financial Corporation offers “post-settlement medical administration services.” This means that when a person receives a settlement, for example, from a liability lawsuit or workers’ compensation, Ametros offers to manage those funds. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that the company does not deliver on what it offers.

Ford 2017 F-350 Truck

The complaint for this class action is a massive document of over 860 pages. It alleges that Ford knew it should not use Bosch’s CP4 fuel pump in its diesel vehicles, but did so anyway. What was wrong with the CP4? Because US diesel fuel differs from European, the fuel pump does not work as it’s intended and eventually causes engine damage.

Back of Jacket Saying "Team DoorDash"

Tipped workers are among the lowest-paid in the US economy. When consumers pay a tip at a restaurant or to a delivery driver, they trust that that money goes directly to the worker. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that tips entered into the DoorDash, Inc. app do not go to the drivers who bring their deliveries but to DoorDash, in whole or in part.

Branch of Bethpage Federal Credit Union

This class action is one of a number of recent ones taking issue with the practice of imposing multiple non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees on a single transaction. The complaint claims that Bethpage Federal Credit Union violates its own account agreements by doing so.

GameStop Logo over Background of Racks of Games

GameStop Corp. and GameStop, Inc. do business online and in brick-and-mortar stores, selling video games and gaming products. The complaint alleges that the company sometimes did not deliver products and did not provide customers with refunds as promised. It claims that those failures amount to unfair business practices, conversion, and breaches of contract, among other things.

Pool at Spinnaker Resorts in Branson, Missouri

Resort Sales Missouri and Spinnaker Resorts are paying $1.4 million to settle a class action alleging that they violated Missouri laws by charging closing costs to those who bought timeshare properties.

Bright-Yellow Spirit Plane on Tarmac

Would you pay $6 to use a Shortcut Security line at the crowded Orlando International Airport in Florida? The three plaintiffs in this case paid Spirit Airlines, Inc. for this privilege, but the complaint says that there is no Shortcut Security line at that airport.

FYE Storefront at Mall

Trans World Entertainment Corporation, this complaint alleges, uses “highly aggressive sales tactics[.]” To sell its merchandise? No, the complaint claims—to deceive people into signing up for “loyalty memberships” and magazine subscriptions, using tactics called “negative option marketing” or “free-to-pay.”