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Deceptive Advertising

Front of Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th Store

Consumers love bargains. They love the idea that they are getting higher quality at a lower price. However, if the “original” price quoted is a false one, then they are not in fact getting the bargain they think they are. The complaint for this class action claims that Saks Off Fifth, an outlet of Saks, Inc., deceives customers as to the worth of their merchandise.

Panera Blueberry Bagel on Plate

When consumers buy a blueberry bagel, the complaint for this class action claims, they expect that the blue-colored lumps in it are blueberries. But the complaint alleges that the blue things in Panera Bread Company’s blueberry bagels are mostly dyed lumps of sugar and flour. According to the complaint, the bagels are misbranded to make customers think they are bagels with real blueberries.

Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie, Double Chocolate Flavor

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that Lenny & Larry’s did not correctly state the nutritional value of one of its products, the Complete Cookie. The complaint alleged that this led to misleading advertising, packaging, and labeling. 

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick

How do consumers know whether ingredients are natural or not? For the most part, they take the word of the maker. If the word “natural” appears on the labeling or in the advertising, they assume that the product is natural. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Tarte, Inc. calls its personal care products “natural” when they contain a number of synthetic or chemical ingredients. 

Samsung Rectangular Pentile Screen Subpixel Arrangement

Samsung phones and tablets with Pentile screens, says the complaint for this class action, do not have the resolution advertised. Resolution is measured in pixels and, the complaint claims, Samsung does not use true pixels but a more limited version of them, with two rather than three subpixels each.

Arm-in-Cage Photo from Complaint of Mosquitoes Landing on Skin

This class action makes a rather simple claim, simply presented: The complaint says that the product does not work. The product is California Baby Natural Bug Blend Bug Repellent, made by California Natural Living, Inc., and it is presumably designed to keep mosquitoes from biting babies.

Box of Kellogg's Cracklin' Oat Bran

These days, consumers definitely prefer healthier foods, without chemicals and additives. And companies definitely like to claim that that’s what they’re offering. Unfortunately, the complaint for this class action claims that, despite its advertising claims, Kellogg Company may be offering glyphosate, a weed killer, in certain of its breakfast foods.

Jar of Nuts 'N More White Chocolate Peanut Spread

Nuts ’N More makes a white chocolate peanut spread. Unfortunately, the complaint for this class action claims that the product is misbranded because it does not contain real white chocolate. 

Yeti Rambler Colster

The Yeti Rambler Colster is meant to hold standard twelve-ounce cans and bottles, but according to this complaint, “when drinking from bottles consumers risk the bottle slipping out and smacking them in the teeth.” For this and other reasons, the complaint claims that the “colster” is falsely advertised by its maker, Yeti Coolers, LLC.

Container of Nutrabolt's C4 Powders

Some companies like to package their products in huge containers. With sports nutritional products, it sometimes seems like container bulk is supposed to imply the size of muscles you’ll get if you use the product. The complaint for this class action claims that Nutrabolt’s opaque containers for its Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Powders big containers are left half-empty—a deceptive practice that’s illegal.