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Deceptive Advertising

Box of Keebler Honey Grahams

This is one of a number of class actions recently filed against makers of graham crackers. The complaint claims that the product should not be identified as graham crackers because the main ingredient is not graham flour.

Walmart Shelves of Meat

Many food stores discount meat that is close to its expiration date. Walmart stores with food sections claim to do that, too—but the complaint for this class action alleges that they actually charge a higher price than they pretend to. The complaint claims that the company has violated Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and unjustly enriched itself. 

Can of Hill's Prescription Diet Digestive Care Dog Food—Chicken & Vegetable Stew

Humans may take vitamin D supplements, but too much vitamin D can kill a dog. The complaint for this class action alleges that Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. allowed toxic levels of vitamin D in its dog food, sickening and even causing the death of dogs that ate it. 

Row of Kate Spade Bags on Shelf

Are the items for sale at Kate Spade outlet stores really discounted by as much as the tags say? The complaint for this class action alleges that the company creates false reference prices in order to make consumers think they are getting a bigger bargain than they actually are.

Blue Diamond's Wasabi- and Soy Sauce-Flavored Almonds

Does Blue Diamond Growers use wasabi in making the almond products it markets as having “Bold Wasabi and Soy Sauce” flavor? The complaint for this class action says it does not.

Heart-Shaped Box of Russell Stover Chocolates

It’s a new take on the “excessive slack fill” allegation. The complaint for this class action alleges that candy containers from Russell Stover Chocolates, LLC and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company contain deceive consumers because they contain too much nonfunctional empty space. 

Anthem Logo

WellStar is “Georgia’s largest health care provider,” says the complaint for this class action. That’s why the complaint alleges that various Anthem insurers were deceitful in giving the impression that WellStar would be an in-network provider for the coming year for its Pathway Health Plan. The complaint claims breach of contract, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and fraudulent concealment, among other things.

Bottle of Blue Ridge Silver Colloidal Silver Product

Can the Colloidal Silver products sold by Blue Ridge Silver treat strep, dementia, and cancer? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has written Blue Ridge Silver a Warning letter about drug-like claims it makes for the colloidal silver products it sells on its website.

Bacopa Monnieri Sold by Peak Nootropics

Does the Bacopa Monnieri sold by Peak Nootropics, LLC (also known as Advanced Nootropics) help prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Does the L-Dopa it sells help control involuntary movement in Parkinson’s disease patients? The FDA has sent a Warning Letter to Peak Nootropics about the drug-like claims it makes for supplements on its website.

Morpheme Remedies Memocare Plus

Besides oils, hair care, and grooming products, the website for Ayurvedic Care offers a range of supplements. It makes great claims about their positive effects on many illnesses. The problem is, any substance marketed as being able to prevent, treat, or cure a disease is considered a drug. In February 2019, the FDA sent a Warning Letter about these drug-like claims to Emmbros Overseas Lifestyle PVT Ltd., the company behind the AyurvedicCure website, as well as the websites,, and