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Deceptive Advertising

Utz Potato Chips

Utz Quality Foods, Inc. is settling a class action alleging that it falsely marketed Utz and Bachman products as being “all natural.” The complaint alleged that they products actually contained ingredients that were heavily processed, chemical, synthetic, artificial, or derived from genetically modified substances (GMO).

New Balance Shoe (Not a Model in This Case)

The claim “Made in USA” refers not only to an object but to the materials that go into it. New Balance is settling a class action alleging that some of its shoes are advertised as being “Made in USA” when up to 30% of their content is made elsewhere.

Four-Pack of Atkins Chocolate Shakes

Can a bottled drink really replace a meal? How healthy and nutritious are Atkins Shakes? 

Package of Voortman Fudge Coated Salted Caramel Wafers

When a company advertises that a product is made with a “real” substance, what exactly does that mean? Is alkalized cocoa “real cocoa”? Is dried fruit “real” fruit? And what constitutes “real” vanilla? The complaint for this class action alleges that SPC Management Co., Inc. advertises its Voortman Cookies in deceptive ways.

Iconic Grass Fed Protein Drink, Cafe au Lait Flavor

How healthy and nutritious are Iconic Grass Fed Protein Drinks? Twenty-first century consumers want natural foods and good nutrition. Since they’re willing to pay more for these, companies are anxious to present their products as being pure and packed with nutrition. But do they deliver on their promises?

Container of Cabot Greek Yogurt

How healthy and nutritious is Cabot Greek Yogurt? Consumers these days are looking for healthier choices for meals and snacks, and companies go out of their way to make their own products look healthy and nutritious. What the products actually deliver may be something different. 

Box of Original SweeTarts

The Ferrara Candy Company is settling a class action alleging that it claimed that its SweeTarts candies contain no artificial flavors, when they contain dl-malic acid, a synthetic ingredient that provides a tart flavor. Although malic acid can occur in nature, for example in fruits, it is generally a synthetic form that is used in commercial food products such as SweeTarts.

Box of Chocolate Cheerios

This class action turns on what is meant by “real cocoa.” The complaint alleges that General Mills Sales, Inc. advertises certain of its cereals as being made with “real cocoa” but actually uses medium alkalized cocoa, a substance that it claims cannot be characterized as “real.” 

Gallon Jug of AriZona's Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey

How much ginseng must a drink contain to advertise itself as containing ginseng? The complaint for this class action, brought against the parties responsible for AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, says that the amount should be at least scientifically detectable.

Wise 1-Month Emergency Food Kit

The Wise Company is settling a class action concerning its long-term food products. The complaint alleged that. on its packaging and website, the company misstated how long the food kits would last and how many people they could feed.