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Deceptive Advertising

Container of Nutrabolt's C4 Powders

Some companies like to package their products in huge containers. With sports nutritional products, it sometimes seems like container bulk is supposed to imply the size of muscles you’ll get if you use the product. The complaint for this class action claims that Nutrabolt’s opaque containers for its Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Powders big containers are left half-empty—a deceptive practice that’s illegal. 

Zales Store, Part of Zale Delaware

Is a jewelry repair service agreement worthwhile, if you’re making an expensive jewelry purchase? Plaintiff Gordon Henry Lovette believed so, until he actually tried to get jewelry repaired under the agreement. The complaint for this class action alleges that Zale Delaware, Inc.’s jewelry repair service engages in false advertising and does not tell buyers the full story as to the service it does and does not provide. 

Farberware Eight-Cup Percolator

Spectrum Brands Holdings may be paying over $2 million over a class action claiming it gave false information about the manufacturer and warrantor of its products. The complaint alleged that Spectrum had falsely claimed that certain of its products were made and warranted by Black & Decker or Farberware.

Glowing Himalayan Salt Lamp

Do Himalayan salt lamps have multiple benefits, including cleaning the air and releasing negative ions? No, says the complaint for this class action. It brings suit against Headclicks, Inc. for what it alleges are false statements the company makes in marketing its salt lamps.

Van Heusen Outlet Store

PVH Corporation, which owns the Van Heusen stores, has agreed to a settlement in a class action. The complaint alleged that merchandise in Van Heusen stores had tags indicating a false original or “reference” price and then a lower price, indicating that the items were on sale and that buyers were getting a bargain.

Box of Annie's Cocoa Bunnies Cereal

The complaint for this class action quotes a study saying that “[t]he average consumer spends a mere 13 seconds making an in-store purchasing decision…” The issue? The complaint alleges that Annie’s Homegrown brand cereal products come in opaque containers which hide the fact that they are approximately 50% empty.

Geico Logo with Geico Gecko

When are price increases fair, and how should they be imposed? The complaint for this action claims that Government Employees Insurance Company (Geico) provided a quote for a six-month car insurance policy, then raised the rate only a few months later, before the end of the six-month period.

Cancer Patient Undergoing Treatment

When is it a bad idea to give someone with a serious disease hope? When you’re highlighting an atypical case so that it’s false hope, says the group Truth in Advertising ( It’s talking about commercials for cancer treatment centers that use testimonials from patients who recovered, even though the chances of survival with certain kinds of cancers may be slim.

For Your Entertainment Logo

Trans World Entertainment Corporation runs For Your Entertainment (FYE), which sells entertainment, video, and music products; Synapse Group, Inc. is a magazine marketer. The complaint for this class action claims that the two companies partnered to charge consumers for memberships and magazine subscriptions that they had not agreed to purchase.

Four Sparkling Ice Drinks in Bottles

Talking Rain Beverage Company, Inc. has an unusual name, but the allegations in this class action are not at all unusual. The complaint claims that the company’s Sparkling Ice drinks, which the company labels as being naturally-flavored, actually contain an artificial flavoring ingredient, malic acid.