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Deceptive Advertising

Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzels

Consumers make quick judgments when they’re buying items, whether in stores or online, and one of the things that influences them is the size of the packaging. A larger size can indicate a better value, if the box or bottle is opaque; most consumers don’t look at net weight or other details, except for those that really matter to them. The complaint for this class action claims that Boulder Brands USA, Inc. took advantage of this in packaging their Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels, leaving more than 40% empty space in the packages.

Nestle USA Natural Bliss Creamer

How do we know that the food products we buy are up to certain standards? We rely on independent third parties to do the research that we can’t do individually and certify that the products meet those standards. However, the complaint for this class action claims that the “No GMO Ingredients” certification on Nestle USA, Inc.’s products does not come from a third party but from the company itself, and that its requirements are not as rigorous. 

Herff Jones Class Ring

Pure gold—that is, 24 karat gold—is soft, and therefore usually not suitable for jewelry. To harden gold, it is normally mixed with other metals, and the maker puts an unobtrusive stamp on the jewelry to attest to the proportion of gold, often 10K, 14K, or 18K. The complaint for this class action claims that Heff Jones, LLC stamps its class rings as having a higher proportion of gold than they actually contain.

Last Call Store in California

Neiman Marcus is settling a class action alleging that it misled customers with “Compared To” prices on price tags at its Last Call outlet stores in California. 

Four Bottles of Hansen's Natural Juices

Monster Beverage Corporation and Monster Energy Company are settling a class action protesting the “natural” designation of certain products in their Hansen’s and Hubert’s product lines.

Lemonheads Candy

Ferrara Candy Co. is settling a class action alleging that its candy is packed in oversized boxes containing too much empty space. The complaint claims that this deceives consumers as to how much candy they’re getting and violates a number of laws, including California’s False Advertising Law, its Unfair Competition Law, and its Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

Zicam RapidMelts

Zicam, LLC and Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. will be paying $16 million to settle a class action alleging that the companies made misleading statements and false claims about the effectiveness of some Zicam products, thereby violating state and federal laws.

Monat Haircare Products

Plaintiff Kelley Botallico bought haircare products from Monat Global Corporation in part because the company represented that the products were organic and would not cause damage to the hair or scalp. Unfortunately, the complaint for this California class action says that this proved not to be true and the products in fact caused itching and hair loss. 

Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque

Do certain Campbell soups contain preservatives, even though their labels say they do not? The complaint for this class action says yes, and claims that Campbell’s is trying to take advantage of “consumers’ preference for less processed foods with fewer additives and the association between such products and a wholesome way of life.” It says that certain soups are labeled as having “No Preservatives” or as being “Made With Patience, Not Preservatives,” yet they contain citric acid and/or ascorbic acid.

Troxyphen Elite, a Product Containing Testofen

A settlement has been reached in a class action alleging that clinical studies do not support the marketing claims made for Testofen.