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Deceptive Advertising

This lawsuit alleges that Colgate intentionally misrepresented to consumers that washing their hands with certain Colgate brand Softsoap Antibacterial Handsoaps – which contains the active ingredient triclosan – is more effective at killing or eliminating germs than washing with ordinary or conventional liquid hand soaps, which do not contain triclosan.

This case alleges that Schiff Nutrition did not have scientific support for its claims that various of its products were effective in preventing arthritis.

This case alleged that Peg Perego violated California and federal law by labeling its childrens vehicles as "Made in America" when in fact those bikes were not made in the United States.

This case alleged that Van’s "violated consumer protection laws when it labeled certain products as 'all natural'".  Many of its products contain Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (SAPP) and the allegations are that food products can not be labeled as "all natural" when those products contain SAPP.