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Deceptive Advertising

Carton of Prairie Farms Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream

This class action brings suit against Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. for certain of its vanilla ice cream products. The complaint says the products “purport[] to contain flavor only from their natural characterizing flavor vanilla[,] under their Prairie Farms Small Batch brand…”

Package of Grove Square Coffee Light Roast

Sturm Foods, Inc. and Treehouse Foods, Inc. are paying $25 million to settle a class action about certain Grove Square Coffee (GSC) products. The complaint alleged that GSC Light Roast, GSC Medium Roast, and GSC Dark Roast products were packaged and labeled in ways that misled consumers into believing their contained premium ground coffee when they contained more than 96% instant coffee.

Box of Infants' Tylenol

Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. offers an Infants’ Tylenol product that purportedly differs from its Children’s Tylenol. However, it is agreeing to settle a class action taking issue with the representations on the Infants’ Tylenol packaging.

Birthday Cake Flavor One Protein Bar

If we’re trying to stick to a healthy eating program, we may rely heavily on what labels tell us about what’s in the foods we eat. We’re not individually able to tell if the figures are true or not. The complaint for this class action alleges that the Hershey Company mislabels its One Protein Bars, claiming that they contain less sugar and more fiber than they actually do.

Carton of Horizon "Vanilla" Milk

This class action is one in a long string taking issue with the labeling of certain products as “Vanilla” without qualifications. The complaint alleges that Horizon Organic Dairy, LLC labels some of its single-serving milk cartons as “Vanilla,” but should not be doing so, because, it claims, the milk is not exclusively flavored with real vanilla.

Package of Reko "Vanilla" Pizzelle

Riverside Partners, LLC and Nustef Baking Ltd. make traditional Italian waffle cookies known as pizzelles. These Reko brand pizzelles come in a purportedly “vanilla” variety. The complaint for this class action alleges that the cookies are misbranded because they are not flavored exclusively with real vanilla.

Package of Imperial Nuts Cashew Snack Mix

How many cashews should a product contain if it is called “Cashew Snack Mix”? The complaint for this class action alleges that Star Snacks Company, LLC does not put enough cashews in its Imperial Nuts Cashew Snack Mix and therefore violates state deceptive trade practice laws.

Dish and Spoonful of Ice Cream

The complaint for this class action alleges that Lidl US, LLC improperly advertises a Lidl brand french ice cream as being “vanilla” in flavor.

Cali White Activated Charcoal Tooth Products

Recently, activated charcoal has become a popular ingredient in personal care products. The complaint for this class action admits that activate charcoal “is highly porous and has adsorptive qualities that can be useful in certain contexts.” But it also alleges that Cali White tooth-whitening products made by Crew International, LLC are neither as effective nor as safe as advertised. 


Graphics from Lilith's Rise of Kingdoms Game

Rise of Kingdoms (ROK) is a video game made by Lilith Games (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd. The complaint for this class action alleges that the companies have “perfected a predatory scheme whereby [they] exploit[] players, including minors, by inducing them to make in-game purchases using deceptive and misleading representations.”