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Debit Card

Customer Handing Card for Payment Processing

Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions, Woodforest National Bank, and Paysafe Payment Processing Solutions, LLC are putting together $15,000,000 to settle a class action alleging that they caused merchants to unknowingly unroll in the Merchants’ Choice payment processing services.

Entry to Nordstrom Store

Should Nordstrom even be calling this a debit card? There are some significant differences between these retail cards and real bank debit cards, and some customers have been unpleasantly surprised by overdraft fees and inferior fraud protection.

Target Logo

When is a debit card not a debit card? According to the complaint for this class action, Target debit cards are not because they do not play by the rules followed by other debit cards. In fact, the complaint claims, the Target card is more like a “shrouded electronic check” in that there is no direct linkage to the customer’s account at the time of use and no rejection of transactions for insufficient funds.

Green Dot Logo

Green Dot has agreed to settle a class action about a longer-than-anticipated service disruption at some times during the period of May 15-22, 2016.

image of jpmorgan chase logo

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that JPMorgan Chase charged excessive fees on inmates’ funds on BOP Debit Cards and that cardholders did not give consent to receive their funds on a BOP Debit Card or to pay fees to Chase.  Plaintiffs further allege that the fees were not properly disclosed when the cards were issued.

Of all people in a society, prisoner releasees are among those in greatest need of support as they re-acclimate themselves to living in civilian society.  This class action lawsuit claims Bank of America exploited this group of people in Arizona with a deceptive, fraudulent, and illegal scheme that forces former inmates to accept a “consumer relationship” with Bank of America.

Rushcard Logo

This lawsuit alleges that UniRush violated consumer protection laws when purchasers of its popular pre-paid debit card called RushCard were unable to access their money for several days.

This lawsuit alleges that JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. engaged in an illegal scheme as the exclusive provider of a debit card with exploitative high fees to federal corrections facilities releasees, in violation of federal requirements and state consumer protection laws.